Re-upholstering an old truck seat is an attractive alternative to getting a new one, in some cases, as it may be less costly than replacement. However, when it comes to providing the comfort and back support truck drivers need, replacement is often the better option.


Purchase a New Truck Seat


A re-upholstering job will rejuvenate your truck seat’s appearance, but it may not improve its function. If your truck seat is several years old, it doesn’t have the advanced design that modern truck seats have. New designs are providing greater back support and comfort to drivers, making long hauls a lot easier on their bodies.


Here are a few signs that re-upholstering may be needed:


  • Stains and holes – Stains and holes in the fabric of your seat can make your truck cabin look dingy and shabby. Over time, tears in the fabric can also affect the cushioning inside your seat. If your seats are fairly new and have stains and holes, consider re-upholstery.
  • Faded color – Over time, the color of your seat fabric may fade. If the seat is sound, but just has faded fabric, an upholstery job may remedy the matter.

Here are a few signs replacement is necessary:


  • Your seat is old – Old seats aren’t as well-designed as newer seats, as advances in medicine and technology have enabled truck seat designers to create seats that better support drivers’ backs and reduce the strain that long-haul drives have on the body.
  • Your seat doesn’t provide the same support as it once did – Seat cushioning can deteriorate over time, and, after a while, a seat may not provide the same support it did when it was brand new. If this is the case, truck seat replacement is your best option.
  • Seat cushioning appears to be damaged – If your seat has holes and tears, and it appears that the cushioning is damaged or missing, it’s definitely time for a replacement truck seat.


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