When you find just the right setting on your truck seat, you know it. There’s a sense of comfort and support that’s unmistakable. Finding that perfect setting is elusive for many transportation industry pros.


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Here are a few tips for you to find that “just right” setting for your semi seat:


  • Keeping your knees slightly bent when you’re driving will help prevent knee pain, especially on long hauls. A 20- to 30-degree bend in your knees is optimal. You also need to position your seat so that there’s a gap that’s about two fingers wide between the back of your seat and your knees.
  • Lumbar support is especially important for long-haul truck drivers, as the pressure exerted against the lower back from hours in the driver’s seat can cause significant back problems. The lumbar support helps with this.
  • Your truck has an adjustable headrest for a reason. Use it! The height of the headrest should be placed so that it supports the middle of your head.
  • The height of your steering wheel is also important. You need to position the wheel so you have a clear view of the dashboard. You also need to be able to comfortably grip the steering wheel in your preferred position. Some drivers opt for the traditional ten o’clock and two o’clock position, while some with neck and back pain prefer a seven o’clock and four o’clock position.
  • Make sure your seat height is comfortable. Seat height can have an impact on the wear and tear that long periods of driving have on your body. Adjust your seat so that you can see the dashboard instruments and the road without having to look down. The top of the steering wheel should be about two-to-four inches below your shoulder.
  • When adjusting the seat back angle, your head should be level and vertically in line with your shoulders and hips.


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