white truck driving on the street in the early morning

How to Become a Trucker

Careful consideration should be taken when making the choice to become a trucker. Life on the road can be difficult, both physically and mentally. The long hours have the potential to have a negative impact on relationships with friends and family. Although these outcomes are all possibilities, this career choice can be an appropriate decision for the right person.

portrait of a truck driver standing in front of truck lineup

Ways to Retain Drivers

Employees all over the United States are faced with making the difficult decision of working for another company or making a career switch. Although this trend is present in all industries, the trucking industry seems to be more affected. This can be due to various reasons, from the difficulty of life on the road to dissatisfaction with an employer.

long haul truck on utah highway

Trucks Are More Technological Than You Think

There is a lot truckers need to do on the road. Thankfully, trucks have technology that make trucking long distances safer and more comfortable. Some of those technologies can be as simple as a hands-free device that allows truckers to communicate in all weather conditions. These technologies can also be as practical as a seat that adjusts according to the driver's comfort.

group of semitrucks parked next to each other

Tips and Tricks: How Truckers Can Save Money and Stay Healthy

Making a living as a truck driver constantly on the road, can require discipline to make sure your salary stretches as far as you want it to. Not only do you have to budget your money to cover bills, you also have to plan your money wisely to cover spending expenses both on and off of the road. The cost of the road can add up, taking a toll on your finances and your body.