Every profession has its occupational hazards, and trucking has more than a few, including road and traffic hazards, as well as possible injury from loading and unloading trucks. One of the more insidious threats truckers face is long-term back pain, which can develop slowly over time until it becomes debilitating.


Prevent Long Term Back Pain in Truckers


Back pain can be a career-ender for many truckers, who will then have to spend their retirement years dealing with chronic pain. Fortunately, there are steps that truck drivers can take to avoid developing long-term back pain, including upgrading their truck seats to more modern, ergonomic models.


  • Keep the weight off – Keeping fit will help you to avoid developing back pain. Excessive weight puts extra strain on your body’s musculoskeletal system, so it’s important to stay at a healthy weight. Avoid fast food when possible and be sure to get enough exercise to keep the pounds off.
  • Strengthen your back – Exercise won’t just help you keep excess weight off; it can also help strengthen the muscles in your back. Stronger back muscles will better cope with the strain of hours sitting in semi truck seats and exertion related to loading and unloading your truck.
  • Use flexion stretches – Flexion stretches can be done while you drive and will help prevent neck and upper back pain. Gently bend your head forward while bringing your chin toward your chest to do a flexion stretch.
  • Make the most of rest stops – When you stop for gas or to get something to eat, make the most of that time to stretch and do a few exercises to strengthen your back. Prolonged periods of sitting are bad for your health, but truckers can mitigate its effect by stretching and engaging in some light exercise at regular intervals.
  • Upgrade your seats – Older truck seats don’t have the lower back support and other ergonomic benefits of modern designs. If your seat is more than a few years old, replace it with a new truck seat model that fits your body and provides necessary support. A bad truck seat can aggravate problems that cause long-term back pain. Upgrading to a better seat is the smart investment.


Back Pain in Truckers


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