Chronic back pain is a huge problem for truck drivers, causing them considerable discomfort and contributing to long-term health issues. The cause of this pain may be traced back to how they’re sitting, and improvements in posture could help them avoid health issues that could cut short their career and impair their quality of life.

Truckers Posture Problems


Good posture is important to spinal health. When you slouch, you put pressure on your back. Over time, this pressure can lead to changes in your anatomy that result in significant pain and discomfort. Long periods of sitting have been found to be detrimental to back health, but sitting in a truck seat is an unavoidable part of a truck driver’s occupation.


You can improve your posture on the road by:


  • Support your thighs – Adjust your seat to make sure that it provides adequate support to the bottom of your thighs.
  • Find the right pedal position – Slide your seat so you’re not stretching to reach the pedals and so that your knees aren’t too bent.
  • Move your wallet and phone to your front pocket – Sitting on your wallet or phone for extended periods will create muscle strain and discomfort. Transfer your gear to your front pocket for greater comfort.
  • Make sure your steering wheel is at proper height – Too low, and you’ll have to slouch. Too high, and you’ll also have to position yourself at an awkward angle.
  • Adjust your seat back – Make sure that your shoulders are slightly behind your hips. A 110-degree angle is optimal.
  • Upgrading your truck seatReplacement truck seats provide lumbar support and other features not found in older or worn seats. By upgrading to a new seat, you can ensure that you’re getting all the support you need and that you have a wide range of options for changing your sitting position.

improvements in posture


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