Truck drivers have more tools than ever to keep them safe and comfortable on the road. Whether it’s lumbar-supporting, ergonomically designed custom truck seats, special mirrors, or electronic safety gear, there’s a solution for almost every need. These professional truck driver accessories make life on the road a lot more comfortable and safe.


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Truck drivers must exercise the utmost care for staying safe on the road. The size and momentum of their vehicles make them a danger to other motorists should they lose control of their vehicle or make a mistake while driving. Every advantage helps. Here are 5 must-have gadgets for truckers that improve comfort and safety, boosting morale and confidence while you’re on the road.


  1. Replacement Truck Seats

When you think of replacement parts for trucks, you likely think of the engine, transmission, tires, and other important pieces that keep your truck on the road, but, over the years, semi-truck seats can become worn, damaged, and sometimes even inoperable. As a trucker, your comfort on the road is important to your safety and to the safety of other vehicles on the road. When you’re uncomfortable, you’re more likely to be distracted and irritable. This increases the chance of an accident.


By replacing worn truck seats with new ergonomically designed seats, you can ensure you’re comfortable and supported during long hauls. These days, you’ll find seats that offer ergonomic designs, high back support, dual arms, and many other features that will keep you pain and discomfort-free, even after hours of sitting.


  1. Specialized Truck Mirrors

Blind spots are a big concern for truckers. Because of the size of trailers, it’s all too easy to miss a smaller vehicle that may be riding alongside you. By replacing stock truck mirrors with a more modern design, you can have a greater range of motion and other design benefits that allow you to have better monitoring and visibility into the areas beside and behind your semi-truck.


With new truck mirrors, you can greatly minimize the risk of an accident. With increased visibility comes more insight into what vehicles are located near your commercial truck. In turn, you can ensure that all turns and lane changes are done safely.


  1. Quality Seat Belts

Over time, similar to seats, seat belts can also start to wear. A compromised seat belt loses its ability to provide the necessary restraint in the event of an accident. If the seat belt in your truck is loose or fraying or the locking mechanism isn’t working properly, it’s best to replace the seat belt.


Because seat belts can be uncomfortable over time, you may also want to invest in a seat belt pad that makes wearing a seat belt for hours almost unnoticeable. You’ll find that covers are available in cotton, sheepskin, and other soft fabrics.


  1. Road Watch Sensors

If you’re looking for cool things for truckers, road watch sensors are definitely worth buying. These sensors monitor road temperature to inform drivers of when dangerous driving conditions are present. This early warning can be critical to preventing accidents.


These sensors are especially crucial if you drive through states that experience a lot of ice, snow, and other wintry weather. When you’re behind the wheel of a big semi-truck, you want as much help as possible to ensure your safety. Road watch sensors will keep you informed of road conditions and give you a warning when the roads are overly slippery.


  1. Back-Up Cameras

Backing up in a semi-truck is no easy feat and, while you may have mastered the art, it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes, especially behind your vehicle. Back-up cameras are some of the most important safety innovations of the digital age. Back-up cameras allow truckers to see exactly what’s behind them, allowing them to avoid accidents when backing up their semis.


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