Long hours spent behind the wheel will seem even longer if your truck is uncomfortable. Maintaining a comfortable truck isn’t “going soft,” it’s “going sensible,” as drivers who are comfortable will have fewer health problems and be safer, more alert drivers.


Semi Cabin More Comfortable


Making your truck more comfortable by making sure you have the right truck seats and other accessories and equipment takes an investment of time and money, but it’s worth it. Consider these tips for making your home on the road somewhere you actually enjoy being:

  • Start with the truck seat – Truck seats are the No. 1 factor in driver comfort. When you’re spending eight to ten hours or more on the road per day, a seat that doesn’t provide proper support and cushioning can cause pain and discomfort. Over time, it can even cause musculoskeletal disorders that can cut short your career.

If your seat is old or worn, replace it with a new seat. Be sure to read consumer reviews to get a seat that provides adequate lumbar support and head and neck support.


  • Change your tires – If your tires are wearing down, they’re not only exposing you to greater safety risks, they’re also impairing the quality of your ride. Tires with adequate tread that are properly inflated with air provide a smoother, less bumpy ride.
  • Clean the cabin – A messy cabin is an uncomfortable cabin. If the passenger’s seat is filled with receipts and old fast food wrappers, and the floor closely resembles the ground outside, a little cleaning might be in order.
  • Pick up some sunglasses – Having to deal with glare every day can drive you crazy. A good pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes and reduce your frustration on the road. For truckers who wear eyeglasses, sunglasses that fit comfortably over your glasses are available.
  • Install an air freshener – If your cabin is a little ripe, it can be unpleasant on a long haul. Installing an air freshener after cleaning your cabin can help.

Suburban Seating & Safety provides custom truck seats and other truck accessories for drivers who want a comfortable place behind the wheel. Contact them today to learn more about their quality products.


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