A trend that began as an answer to labor shortages in the trucking industry has turned into a win-win situation for trucking companies and the many women who are now earning a living driving for them. Not only are women filling the gap in drivers, but companies say they are proving to be better at the job than their male counterparts. According to an article in Bloomberg News, women are excelling in numbers of accidents, compliance, inspection, and other areas.


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With these positive results and a trend that is expected to continue growing in the future, manufacturers and freight companies are giving their products more attention with regards to women’s needs. For example, Suburban Seating & Safety offers a variety of seats for trucks for a custom fit that will allow male and female drivers to achieve a more comfortable ride without fatigue.


In addition to the availability of custom products that make it more comfortable for women to live on the road, the greater acceptance of women as truck drivers has made it more appealing for many who might have hesitated about getting behind the wheel of a big truck.


The women who are a part of the trend have their unique way of dealing with the time they spend away from home. Some take their pets along for companionship, while others may share the driving with their husbands. Granted, there are still those who are unaccepting of women in the trucking industry, but attitudes are definitely changing.


Why They Do It


Women who have left their previous lives behind to join the thousands of truckers on the road do so for a number of reasons. Some have already raised their children and want to join their husbands on the road, while others do so following a divorce. Others may have studied extensively for a career that they have become unhappy with or that they don’t feel compensates them well enough financially. The option to get “equal pay for equal work” is appealing since gender doesn’t play a role in the salary.


The challenge now is for trucking companies to find ways to appeal to more women drivers so they can enjoy more of the advantages they will bring to their company. Contact Suburban Seating & Safety at 844-SAS.SEAT to learn more about our wide variety of custom seats to help give you the advantage.




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