Many people take the trucking industry for granted in order to enjoy goods transported all over the United States, without ever thinking about how valuable this industry is for our country and commerce. Even if you are a truck driver, you might not know the extent to which your service benefits the masses.


Trucking Industry


The following are a list of some interesting trucking industry stats and facts, in no particular order. You can share them with others and impress them with your extensive knowledge of the trucking industry.


  • Truck drivers can spend up to 11 hours a day driving and sitting in semi-truck seats.
  • The 1.3 billion chicken wings consumed during this year’s Super Bowl were all delivered by trucks.
  • 2% of NAFTA fright imported and exported from the U.S. was carried by trucks.
  • Fatal accidents involving trucks have dropped more than 40% since 2005.
  • 81% of people believe truckers are safer drivers than other motorists.
  • By 2024 there will be an estimated shortage of 174,000 truck drivers in the U.S.
  • Driving 65 mph uses 27% less fuel than driving 75 mph.


In 2013, if you were to connect all the trucks delivering loads within the U.S. alone, the entire chain of trucks would reach from the Earth to the Moon more than 11 times!


Replacement Truck Seats


  • Truckers are responsible for delivering more than 33 million Christmas trees each holiday season.
  • Truckers deliver more than 257 million red roses and 40 million boxes of chocolates every Valentine’s Day.
  • The trucking industry generated more than $700 billion in revenue in 2014.
  • In 2014, approximately 9.96 billion tons of freight were moved by trucks.
  • The total freight transported by trains in 2013 can be moved by trucks in just 9 days!
  • Most truckers drive an average of 125,000 miles each year, or 500 miles per day.


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