Blind spot-related accidents make up a large percentage of all accidents involving commercial trucks. In fact, about 840,000 accidents involving vehicle blind spots will occur nationwide this year. With proper training and use of the best semi-truck seats and other safety-related accessories, drivers can reduce their risk of getting involved in blind spot accidents.


Blind spot related accidents


Although drivers of other vehicles are typically responsible for accidents involving semi-trucks, tractor-trailer drivers can reduce risk by improving their vigilance. No matter who is at fault in a crash involving tractor trailers, the aftermath of these accidents can be psychologically and financially stressful for drivers. Driver training, being attentive on the road, and abstaining from alcohol or drugs while driving reduces accident risk; however, blind spots represent an ever-present safety issue.


Blind spots are areas surrounding an automobile that a driver cannot see while looking through the side mirrors. Big commercial trucks do not have a rear view mirror, creating a larger area of hazard than that of regular vehicles. Commercial trucks also have larger than normal blind spots on the sides of the vehicle because of their size. Truck blind spot zones are located directly in front of the vehicle, behind them, and on either side; learning these thoroughly can help a driver learn how to drive a semi-truck safely.


Blind Spot Driving Tips

These safe driving tips for truck drivers can help reduce the likelihood of a blind spot accident:


  • Drivers can reduce the chance of an accident by posting signs on the vehicle warning other drivers to keep out of their blind spots. These signs inform and remind motorists to avoid a truck’s “No Zones” and that the truck driver has limited visibility.
  • Drivers can reduce blind spots by increasing the number of mirrors on the sides of their vehicles and strategically positioning them. Mounting two mirrors on either side of the hood will help to reduce blind spots, as will adding a second mirror on the passenger side of the cab. Mirrors increase the visibility of vehicles, people, and objects in the truck’s blind spots.
  • New electronic devices can also help reduce blind spot accidents. In addition, the latest car seats in trucks, safety systems from Suburban Seating & Safety include rear sensors and cameras to help drivers better see vehicles directly behind them, and cameras mounted on the sides of the vehicle can also help to reduce blind spots.


Newer safety products include digital back-up monitors, digital mirror monitors, heated driver-side mirrors, noiseless backup alarms, and a host of other electrical components and devices.


Because of the large size of tractor trailers, when a blind spot accident occurs involving a commercial truck, the result can all too often be fatal. By increasing awareness of blind spots and how to safely lessen the risks they pose, commercial truckers can avoid costly accidents.


How to Avoid Blind Spots While Driving

Motorists can also take steps to improve their safety. This Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration infographic identifies semi-truck blind spots to stay away from. To avoid a potentially dangerous situation:


  • Pass cautiously; switch your turn signal on sooner than usual and pass as quickly as you can. If you can’t, pull back so you don’t remain invisible to the truck driver.
  • If a truck is turning right, do not approach it from the right. Even if it’s turning left, steer clear to allow the truck room to approach the turn from the left, which is necessary due to its size.
  • Exercise patience; trucks are much larger and require more time to accelerate, turn, and stop; aggressive driving and honking can distract truck drivers, potentially leading to crashes.


Last, never tailgate a semi. Its blind spot is several car lengths long, and the driver will not see you, increasing the risk of an accident if they suddenly apply the brakes or need to make any kind of maneuver.



Truck accessories


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