Big wheels and robust suspension systems don’t make semi trucks immune to the damage potholes can do to automobiles.


Pot Holes


Potholes cost drivers more than $3 billion each year, and a substantial chunk of that is absorbed by the transportation industry, including trucking firms. Potholes can cause damage to mechanical components of big trucks and interior features like truck seating. Here are a few of the most common ways potholes can damage semis:


  • Tires – Potholes often have a hard edge that pushes the tire against the wheel when vehicles travel over them, cutting into the rubber of the tire or damaging belts that hold the tire together. Potholes can also damage tire tread. Keeping your truck’s tires correctly inflated will help them better handle traveling over potholes.
  • Seats – Excessive bumps in the road can put increased wear and tear on your truck seats and the assembly connecting them to the floor of the vehicle. Over time, bolts connecting the seat to the floorboard can loosen, causing the seat to shift, which can cause ergonomic problems and may even become a safety hazard. Drivers should replace seats that are worn out or loose with new, ergonomically designed truck seats.
  • Suspension – Your truck’s suspension is designed to absorb bumps and shocks on the road, but, over time, it will degrade. Frequent trips over bumpy terrain will accelerate this process, causing problems such as misalignment, damaged shocks and struts, and broken ball joints. Regular inspection of your truck’s suspension will help you catch and fix problems before they become extensive.
  • Mechanical issues – Frequent jolts and bumps can have an impact on your vehicle’s mechanical components, jarring loose or damaging important parts of the vehicle. Engines and other key components face potential damage from excessive shocks on the road.


Pot Holes Can Damage Your Semi


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