It’s probably the understatement of the century to say that truck drivers spend a lot of time in their truck seats. The long shifts worked and many miles traveled by truckers can not only cause stiffness and soreness, it can also contribute to significant problems, as remaining sedentary for long periods can result in negative impacts on musculoskeletal health.


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Making sure that truck seats are comfortable and following good ergonomic principles can help truck drivers avoid the severe back pain that plague many members of their profession. Here are a few tips that experienced drivers use to make their seats comfortable and conducive to good musculoskeletal health.


  • Adjust the steering wheel – Your truck’s steering wheel can influence your seating position in your truck. To get into proper position, make sure that you’re able to put your wrist flat over the wheel while your shoulder blades are firmly placed against the back of your seat.
  • Make sure the distance from the seat to the pedals is correct –Your seat should be positioned so that your legs are parallel to the ground and your legs bend at about 120 degrees when you press the brake pedal.
  • Make use of lumbar support – Many newer trucks have power lumbar support features. When starting a route, use a low level of lumbar support and adjust to increase lumbar support as you travel. If your vehicle doesn’t have lumbar support, there are lumbar support truck accessories you can purchase.
  • Replace worn seats – Old seats lose their padding, over time, creating an uncomfortable and, ultimately, unhealthy sitting environment. If your seats are worn out, replace them. You can also add extra cushioning for your seat if needed.

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  • Properly adjust your mirrors – Mirrors tilted at the wrong angles may cause you to have to stretch or strain to see cars behind or beside you. Over time, this can have a negative effect on your back. Position your mirrors so no stretching is needed to get a clear view.


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