Long hours in your truck seat can wreak havoc on your legs and back. They can also cut short your career if they contribute to bone and muscle conditions. Creating a safe and comfortable environment in your cab can help you avoid aches and pains now, and serious health problems later in life.

Truck seat

Taking advantage of some ergonomic best practices to adjust your truck seat into optimal positions can greatly help long haul truckers. The following are some tips for how to best adjust your seat:

  • Leg room is the first factor to consider when adjusting the driver’s seat of your vehicle. Your legs should neither be scrunched up or too far away from the pedals. You should slide the seat so you can easily reach the brakes and accelerator with your foot while maintaining support for your thigh. When in proper positions, you should be able to comfortably reach the pedals with your knees slightly bent.

Avoiding cramped spaces when driving is important, as staying in a cramped position for too long can contribute to deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein deep inside the body. This condition can contribute to a pulmonary embolism, so avoiding developing deep vein thrombosis is recommended.

  • The angle of your seat is also important. A seat that is tilted too far back can slow your reaction time and contribute to lower back problems. Sitting too upright can also cause discomfort. Positioning your seat at a 100 to 110 degree angle provides the necessary support for your body while also keeping you at an attentive posture.
  • Seat height is also important. You should position your seat so that you have a clear view of the road. However, you should avoid positioning the seat so high that your knees interfere with the steering wheel.

Adjusting Your Truck Seat

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