Semi-truck and commercial drivers spend most of their time sitting in their seats. All sorts of things can get into the seat materials, from food stains and spilled beverages to dust, dirt, and sweat. Over time, these things not only make the seat look bad but can also cause it to start to smell. To help protect your seats and keep them clean and smelling great, make sure to use these seat cleaning tips:


  1. Clean your truck seats every week. Vacuum cloth seats to remove dust, dirt, and other debris. For leather seats, use a vacuum to remove debris caught in the seams and other areas. You should also use a leather protectant and wipe the seat down to keep the leather moisturized and looking great.


Male hand cleaning car with brush inside


  1. Clean up spills right away. If you drop food or spill a drink, pull over to a safe location and clean it up. If you don’t, it can cause staining in cloth seats or ruin the leather. When removing liquids, blot but don’t scrub the spill. You can use an upholstery stain remover to treat the stain while it is still wet before it dries and sets.
  2. Deep clean cloth seats every three months. Hire a professional or rent a commercial upholstery cleaning machine to steam clean the seats. Make sure to allow the seats to fully dry before sitting on them.
  3. Use upholstery car seat covers to protect the seat. If you don’t want to have to worry about accidental spills, food, stains, odors, and other problems, use seat covers instead. Find a high-quality seat cover that has a heavy-duty liner on the back to stop moisture from soaking through and reaching the seat.


Leather car seat cover cushions


Upholstery Car Seat Covers Cleaning Tips

Most replacement seat covers are easy to keep clean by simply vacuuming them weekly and cleaning up spills to avoid staining. Some types can be taken off and laundered in a washing machine, too. The best thing about upholstery car seat covers is you can replace them anytime they wear out or start to take on smells and odors.


For assistance in finding the right replacement seat covers for your semi-truck or another commercial vehicle, please feel free to contact Suburban Seating & Safety at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328) today!


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