When you spend around 70 hours a week in one spot, you don’t want it smelling like nachos. On top of driving hundreds of miles, and loading and unloading trucks, commercial drivers also fight a never-ending war against dirt and grime in their truck cabs.


Finding the time and energy to give your truck seats and interior a thorough scrub-down can be tough, as those precious few minutes when you have time to clean may not occur in the most convenient places. The following are a few hacks commercial drivers have learned by trial and error that help them keep their trucks clean and organized.


Cleaning Your Semi Cab


  • Dump trash at every stop – Every time you stop for gas, to get a meal, or to load or unload your truck, take a few seconds to empty the trash in your vehicle. This will help keep trash from piling up in your cab.
  • Make cleaning part of your pre-trip routine – Before embarking on a trip, don’t just check the tires and mirrors and perform your usual safety tasks. Incorporate a few cleaning tasks into your routine. Take the time to wipe down the dash, vacuum, or complete other cleaning related tasks. You don’t have to clean the whole vehicle, but, by knocking out a few tasks before hitting the road, you reduce the amount of work you have to do later.
  • Use CD cases for DVDS – Many truckers have a small library of DVDs on board to watch when they pull in to rest for the evening. Keeping DVDs in DVD cases takes up too much space. Storing them in CD cases is more efficient.
  • Make use of vertical space – Use racks and containers you can mount to the walls of your cab to provide added storage space for your truck. By maximizing use of your available space, you can store more items and keep your gear more efficiently organized.
  • Get professional help – Every now and again, get a pro to come clean your truck cab. It’ll cost a little, but it’s completely worth having a professional cleaning job done once or twice a year to get everything back in tip-top shape.


cleaning your truck


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