School buses, public transport buses, and private buses transport millions of people each year. Bus drivers have a huge responsibility, being responsible for dozens of passengers’ wellbeing every time they sit in the bus driver’s seat.

Bus driver’s seat

Men and women who drive buses should undergo thorough training and have all the appropriate licenses before getting behind the wheel. They should also refresh their knowledge from time to time with continuing education and reading.

For bus drivers, these safety tips are helpful to remember:

  • While bus drivers must follow a strict time schedule, they should never sacrifice safety to adhere to the schedule. Always make safety the first priority and, if a route is just unfeasible, discuss the matter with your supervisor.
  • Bus drivers should avoid wearing hoods while driving, as they can interfere with peripheral vision and hearing.
  • Pay attention to the weather. Bad weather conditions can be perilous for large vehicles like buses. Listen to radio weather reports before work and be sure to drive appropriately for weather conditions.
  • Know your routes. Be sure to know your route, as well as alternate routes you may have to take. Modern GPS technology makes this easy, but it’s always worthwhile to keep an old-fashioned city map or Rand McNally atlas on hand.
  • Give your vehicle an inspection before each trip. Walk around the vehicle and check for any damage, check your tires, and also make sure your mirrors are in the right position before driving the bus.
  • Don’t follow too close. Buses take a lot longer to stop than regular passenger vehicles. Maintain adequate distance between yourself and vehicles ahead of you.
  • Be mindful of your blind spots. Buses have large blind spots. Additional mirrors and other accessories have mitigated this somewhat, but drivers should always be mindful of their vehicles’ blind spots when changing lanes.

Bus Safety Tips Every Driver

By practicing good safety habits, bus drivers can ensure their passengers arrive safely and on time. Accidents can be costly for bus companies and can be emotionally damaging for drivers, so following commonsense safety precautions is a wise course for drivers.

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