In order to prevent your big rig from accidently tipping over during high winds, it is important know how to handle your truck and what to do when you encounter these conditions. Suburban Seating & Safety, supplier of semi-truck and custom truck seats, offers the following suggestions to help keep you, fellow truckers, and motorists safe.


Wind Considerations and Driving


Be aware of hazardous weather conditions. The weather can change unexpectedly at any time. A clear and sunny day can suddenly become windy or stormy. When hazardous conditions appear, take necessary precautions.


Check weather reports before hitting the road and periodically throughout the day. You want to make sure to verify weather reports in all areas you will travel through and monitor updates on a regular basis. It can be beneficial to invest in a weather radio to obtain the latest weather reports.


Increase following distances and slow down. During high winds and hazardous weather conditions, slow down and reduce your speed. Increase the following distances between you and other trucks and vehicles on the road to allow for ample stopping should an accident occur in front of you. Do not be afraid to stop driving, by finding a safe place to park and wait for conditions to improve, if it becomes too difficult to drive and safely maintain control of your truck.


Know your weights and loads. The weight of the trailer and truck determines how easily it can be blown over during windy conditions. If you are traveling with an empty trailer, a light load, or a load with a high center of gravity, be prepared to stop if the wind is pushing you around easily.


Manually control your truck. Do not use cruise control during high winds and poor driving conditions. It can also help to downshift into a lower gear to supply more power and control over a truck and trailer against strong winds.


Custom Truck Seats


Driving during windy conditions might seem difficult, but, by following these suggestions, you will know how to handle your truck better to avoid accidents. Lastly, remember to operate your truck with a comfortable and fully functioning seat. If you require a custom or replacement truck seat, contact Suburban Seating & Safety today by calling 1-844-SAS-SEAT.


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