Most truck drivers spend long hours on the road away from the comforts of home. From driving to sleeping and relaxing, the truck cab becomes your home-away-from-home. Taking the time to customize your semi truck allows you to put your own personal touches on your truck and make spending time in it more enjoyable.


Customize Your Semi Truck


  • Upgrade your seat. Getting new replacement truck seats allows you to choose the features and options that best meet your needs, like better back and neck support. You can also consider seat covers if your seat is still in decent condition, but is starting to look a bit worn.
  • Install a navigation/GPS/entertainment system. From custom audio systems to integration with smartphones, a new entertainment center will provide access to your favorite music and provide you with detailed directions, and nearby fuel stations and restaurants, and some even offer weather updates and traffic alerts.
  • Add Bluetooth hands-free compatible devices. Changing radio stations, CB channels, and anything else that takes your hands off the wheel and eyes of the road can be dangerous. With a hands-free Bluetooth system you can use voice commands to take care of most functions and still keep your attention on the road.
  • Get a comfortable mattress. Making sure you are well-rested before driving is important; not to mention, a new mattress can help prevent back aches and pains.
  • Install a satellite TV receiver. Get access to TVs, movies, and on-demand channels you can watch while you unwind after a day of driving.
  • Upgrade the exterior of the truck. There are numerous exterior upgrades, like adding chrome bumpers and wheels, fog lights, and additional exterior lights.


If you do not own your truck, before making customizations check with the owner and get his or her permission. Most owners are willing to allow their drivers to make certain customizations to keep them happy.


Truck Interior Accessories


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