Driving in fog is considered one of the most potentially hazardous conditions. Fog is created when cooler air passes over warmer air at ground level. In many cases, the humidity or moisture level is exceptionally high, leading to much thicker and denser fog. Driving in fog is essentially driving through a cloud at ground level.


Driving and Fog Considerations


As a result, visibility is reduced, and it becomes much more difficult to see other vehicles, the road, and your surroundings. Roadways could also become wet and even slippery. As with any change in road conditions, it is important to follow safe driving practices and habits while driving in fog, including:


  • Reduce your speed. Slow down and pay attention to the speedometer. Some people unfortunately speed up and drive faster in foggy conditions because they do not think they are moving that fast.
  • Turn on your flashers/hazard lights. It can be difficult for traffic behind you to see your trailer in thick fog, and turning on the flashers helps.
  • Turn on headlights and fog lights. Even if you encounter fog during the day, always turn on your low-beam headlights and fog lights. These lights will make it easier to see the road in front of you.
  • Never use high-beam headlights during foggy conditions. The light from high-beam headlights is intense and will make it much harder to see the road and other motorists.
  • Avoid stopping on the road or on the side of the road. Other motorists could rear-end the back of your truck, which would result in a major pile up.
  • If conditions deteriorate, and it becomes too difficult to drive, stop driving. Find a safe place to exit off the road, like a rest area, truck stop, or parking lot.

Keep in mind, some places refer to fog as “smoke,” and may even have warning signs posted along the roadside in locations where fog is a regular and frequent occurrence.


Truck Safety


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