The seat of your truck is more than a chair and, with the long hours you spend driving, your comfort promotes safety. There’s nothing worse than dealing with back or neck pain with hundreds of miles still left before you reach your destination. A low-quality truck seat can also lead to increased sweat and fatigue from driving in the heat. This can directly affect your ability to make the miles needed to deliver a load on time. With climate control seats featuring air conditioning, you can drive longer and feel better this summer.


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Here’s why OTR drivers should look into custom truck seats with climate control.

The Benefits of Air Conditioned Truck Seats

  • Saving Fuel While Staying Cool. Air-conditioned truck seats direct their cooling power where you need it most, such as your neck, back, and other areas that are prone to sweating. With an air-conditioned truck seat, you can be surrounded in cool air and lessen the need for refrigerating the whole cab. This means less money spent on fuel, which means less time at the pump and more time on the open road.
  • Improving Safety by Eliminating Distractions. Trickles of sweat are distracting, as is back pain. From adjusting the cab air-condition to stretching your back to minimize the pain, driving distracted while behind the wheel of a large truck is dangerous. To eliminate distractions, a custom truck seat is a must. High-quality custom truck seats provide excellent lumbar support, reducing the aches that come with a long haul. Experiencing less pain and discomfort means more attention to focused driving. There are also air-conditioned seats to keep you cool in the summer and heated seats to keep you cozy during the colder months. With these seats, your eyes and hands can remain focused on driving instead of on the knobs to adjust the cab’s temperature.
  • Driving Longer in Complete Comfort. Some hot summer days on the road make the hard work of operating a heavy truck more exhausting by a bouncy, sticky, hot truck seat. Suburban Seating & Safety replacement seats have the latest in high-tech cooling fabric and internal climate control options available to keep you in your seat longer.


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Keeping Cool in the Cab


The best climate control seats start with luxury automotive seat detailing, ergonomic design, and a solid professional grade construction to stand up to long days behind the wheel. Because you spend hours in truck seats throughout the day, it’s important to purchase one that is made with durable material that’s strong and also easy to clean. Adding direct heating and cooling capabilities will be the final touch to guarantee that you can be your best behind the wheel for as long as possible. The more comfortable you are, the safer of a driver you are. Aches, pains, and uncomfortable temperatures can leave you irritated and distracted. With a quality climate control seat, you can easily adjust your support and temperature, ensuring the perfect drive each time.


You don’t have to spend another summer in that old bouncy seat, still hot even with the air conditioner going full blast. You also don’t have to go another winter sitting on an ice cold seat and having to blast the heat, causing you to sweat and be uncomfortable. Instead, you can outfit your truck with a new seat that is supportive, comfortable, and entirely controllable. Modern climate controlled seats are taking the auto industry by storm as a luxury option, but they should be standard equipment for professional drivers.


Choose Suburban Seating & Safety for Your Custom Truck Seats


If you are looking for replacement seats for trucks, look no further than Suburban Seating & Safety. As an industry leader in professional truck and automobile replacement seats, we have a wide selection sure to contain the perfect choice for your rig.


From air-conditioned seats to heated seats, you can count on us to have the best semi-truck seat that will make your drive time as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Call our team today at 1-844-727-7328 to get started on your order.



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