Staying comfortable while on the road is important for any truck driver. There are many different types of replacement seats, truck accessories, and other items on the market that make life on the road easier. Our catalog includes the best replacement truck seats for fleets that provide truckers with the support to ease pain, reduce fatigue, and help drivers stay alert. If you haven’t treated yourself lately, or even if you have, check out our list of these top things you don’t want to miss!

National Seats

OEM Volvo seat
  • National HP Series OEM Volvo Truck Seat – This is National’s factory OEM Volvo seat, featuring a high back, air suspension, triple chamber air lumbar, and air adjustable side bolsters, in Volvo Brown Cloth with Volvo specific mounting.
  • National Captain High Back Truck Seat – This is available in Black Mordura Cloth, Black and Charcoal Plus, and Gray Mordura Cloth/Vinyl styles. The Captain series also features dual armrests, an isolating air suspension, and single chamber air lumbar support. It integrates an extendable cushion, while a mid-back version is available.
  • National Commodore Series – This is also available in multiple styles. These truck seats have wider and longer cushions, HP air suspension, triple chamber air lumbar support, and air adjustable bottom and back side bolsters. The BackCycler system provides additional benefit for driver’s struggling with back stiffness and soreness..
  • National Admiral/National Admiral CT – In addition to many standard features, these leather seats include a driver swivel. National Admiral seats have built-in heating, while National Admiral CT seats also provide cooling, making them one of the best replacement truck seats for just long haul applications.

Bostrom Seats

Bostrom truck seats
  • Bostrom Pro Ride Truck Seats – These are offered in stock in black or gray ultra leather with a wide cushion and backrest for better ergonomics. A wider suspension absorbs more vibration, while arm support is improved via 16" adjustable arms. Pro Ride seats also feature a cushion tilt and fore-aft thigh adjustment.
  • Bostrom Wide-Ride+Serta® Truck Seats – High back seats are available in stock in different styles of leather (including two-tone options) or cloth. WR Serta seats feature Serta® Cool Action™ Gel foam. Optional Climate control, swivel, and other features make this seat great for many applications!
  • Bostrom Talladega T Series Truck Seats – A scissor suspension provides improved weight distribution and stability, while the ParaBar II lumbar system provides a continuous range of adjustment. LoPro and Ultra LoPro seat sizes are available.
  • Bostrom Patriot Series Custom Truck Seats – If you’re still looking for the best replacement truck seats, these come in standard and low profile options. An optional drape suspension cover, numerous trim options, dual armrests, and driver or passenger swivel are available. Patriot series seats can include a low-profile isolating air suspension with 3" ride zone or standard isolating air suspension with 5" ride zone.

*The Bostrom Patriot, Bostrom Wide-Ride+Serta®, and many other models we provide can be customized with many features and options.

Top Truck Accessories

Ram mounts universal nodrill laptop mount for truck
  • Laptop Mounts – Laptop mounts, which are also referred to as laptop desks, can make using your laptop easier. You can install the mount next to the passenger seat, while the swivel arm will move easily so you can access your laptop with ease.
  • Luxury Ultra Thick Truck Mattresses – Bostrom has partnered with Serta® to produce a wide range of super comfortable mattresses. You can also check out InnerSpace’s thick luxury deluxe series of mattresses for a comfy truck mattress and a great night’s sleep.
  • Semi-Truck Mini Refrigerator – Having a mini refrigerator is a must-have whether you eat out or cook your own meals. Plus, some models even have a tiny freezer for storing frozen foods.
  • Cooking Appliances – A slow cooker, a hot plate, an air fryer, or a multicooker would be great cooking appliances you might want to have for cooking, frying, baking, and reheating meals. Don’t forget to also get the right utensils and a decent set of chef knives.
  • White Noise Machine – If you have problems falling asleep, a white noise machine is a great investment. Some models can play other sounds like ocean waves, rain showers, etc. to help you drift off to sleep.

Order Replacement Truck Seats and Accessories

Upgrading and adding replacement seats for trucks and the right accessories can make your life on the road easier and more comfortable. Continue browsing to find the best replacement truck seats for your fleet. To find new and custom truck seats, truck mattresses, laptop mounts, and other items, check out our online catalog . Also, feel free to call Suburban Seating & Safety at 844-727-7328 for further assistance today!

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