The seats on buses need to be replaced periodically because of normal wear and tear. Choosing the right replacement bus seats depends on several different factors, such as:

  • The Type of Bus: Is the bus used for long distance travel, local public transportation, or as a school bus?
  • The Type of Passengers: Is the bus primary used by adults, children, or families?
  • The Duration of Travel: What is the average time passengers are on board and how long will the driver be driving the bus?

The Amount of Space: Do not forget to take into account sufficient leg room in between rows, as well as for aisle access.

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Once you consider these factors, the next step to selecting the best seats is to determine what features you desire. The top 5 features to consider include:

  1. Safety Features: You want to make sure the seats you select incorporate various safety features like seat belts. Even though seat belts are not mandatory for most passengers, having passenger seats with seatbelts can improve overall safety.
  2. Comfort Features: The level of comfort you provide your passengers will result in people riding your buses more frequently. Most people desire reclining seats with head rests and arm rests.
  3. Seat Material: The materials used to construct the seat are equally important as selecting the best seats. You want materials that can provide comfort, yet, at the same time, which are durable.
  4. Color: The color of the seats you select should match your bus brand.

Ease of Cleaning: You want seats that are easy to clean. Accidents are bound to happen, and the last thing you want is an unsightly stain on your seat.

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In addition to these features, the driver’s seat should be easy to adjust to accommodate different drivers. The seat should be able to be moved forward and backward, as well as raised and lowered to suit the driver’s preferences.

For assistance in selecting the right replacement seats for your buses, please feel free to contact Suburban Seating & Safety at (844) SAS.SEAT or (844) 727-7328 today!

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