Suburban Seating & Safety offers accessories for truck seats and an array of truck interior accessories to boost safety, convenience, and the overall riding experience. Here are some of the top products we offer that you can benefit from.


  • Smartphone/device chargers: One of the must-have gadgets for truckers, USB chargers from Suburban Seats include single and double port units. You never need to worry about drained cell phone or iPad batteries during long drives. We also offer backup battery banks to provide power to any type of device.

  • Device mounts/holders: These keep your eyes ahead, so you can see the road and maps or other important information at the same time. Dash mounts for cell phones and tablets are available. Features include spring-loaded holders, durable grips, strong suction cups, and universal designs, depending on the model.

GPS tracking monitor in vehicle

  • Hose and cable management systems: It can be challenging to keep things neat in back, but hose slide tracker bars can prevent hose/cable damage and are simple to install.

  • Heavy-duty hooks: Holding firm to hard and textured surfaces, these secure jackets, bags, and other personal belongings during the journey, so they are important in-cab accessories for truck drivers.

  • Retro-fit seat heaters: If your truck seat isn’t warm enough, peel and stick heat elements can be placed under the seat cover, with all hardware installed where you can’t see it. One model has a miniature digital electronic temperature control, which includes a one-hour timer.

  • Brush doormat: This secures to the step rail of a tractor to keep dirt and sand out. The Sym-Mat has a tough, artificial grass surface and is predrilled and installed with zip ties.

  • Straps and cords: You’ll need adjustable straps for small items up to backpacks and bicycles. An adjustable bungee cord can accommodate many heavy-duty applications and includes strong elastic materials and hooks.

  • Hard disk recorder: If you’re hauling freight or waste or driving another large vehicle, maintaining quality video and data records is important. A hard disk can motivate you to drive safely, provide security surveillance, and prevent false insurance claims.

Looking for replacement truck seats for sale or things to buy a truck driver? Suburban Seating & Safety has just what you need in a catalog of some of the most popular accessories. Buy today or call 844-727-7328.

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