Being on the road can make it challenging to eat healthfully all of the time. Those fast food burgers, pizzas, and tacos are quick and convenient. However, they can make you feel tired, bloated, and lackluster, and drain your energy. The last thing you need is to feel tired or not have plenty of energy while you are concentrating on driving on the road.


Invest in a cooler or small refrigerator for your truck. You can pack low-fat white cheeses, yogurt, fresh fruit and vegetables, and other such healthy snacks in your cooler and refrigerator. Lean lunch meats are also good choices to pack and allow you to make your own sandwiches instead of eating greasy burgers from fast food joints.


Eating Healthy


Try to eat more often throughout the day instead of one or two big meals. Your body will respond better when it is getting smaller portions more often during the day. Start your day off with a big breakfast, with plenty of protein. After breakfast, make a point to eat small snacks every two hours, like four ounces of peanuts, two ounces of pretzels, a half a cup of fresh fruit or vegetables, and so on.


Make dinner a smaller meal than lunch. For instance, if you stop at a buffet, and it has a carving station, get meat from here and avoid fried foods. Round out the meal with fresh vegetables and a salad. Eating a higher protein lunch will keep you fuller, so when dinner rolls around you will not feel as hungry and can eat a smaller meal.


The next time you pull into a truck stop, gas station, or other area, take the time to weigh your options and start making healthier choices for better meals while you are on the road. You would be surprised by the number of healthy choices you can find, like whole grain cereals, yogurt, vegetable juices, bags of fresh fruits and vegetables, bananas, and trail mix.


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