Semi truck drivers spend a lot of time in their vehicles. Not only is it their workplace on the road, it’s also their home and office. Maintaining an attractive and comfortable interior will help truckers get the most of their investment in their vehicle and help them better cope with the stresses of a life on the road.


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Restoring the interior of your truck, or just giving it a few upgrades, can also help boost the resale value of your truck. Most semi truck owners have more than $150,000 invested in their vehicles. Maintaining the value of their truck will help them better enjoy the fruits of their investment when it’s time to pass the truck on to another driver.


For truck drivers considering restoring or remodeling their trucks, here are a few tips:


  • Start with the seats. Your truck seat is where you’ll spend the most time in your vehicle. Make sure your seat is comfortable and provides enough lumbar support. Consider adding convenient features like ventilation or moisture resistance to further enhance their value.
  • Consider the cabin. Are the cup holders large and close by enough to be convenient? Do you have enough storage bins and drawers? Are all the air conditioner vents in good working order? If your cabin isn’t to your liking, you have many options to change it. Aftermarket products can add storage space, cup holders, and a variety of other truck interior accessories to make the cabin more functional and comfortable.
  • Check out the carpet. If the carpet in your truck is old and worn or irretrievably dirty, it can make your truck a lot less pleasant place to spend many hours every week. Replacing the carpet can make your truck more inviting, increase your pride in your vehicle, and boost its resale value.
  • If your truck has a small sleeping or living area, consider the furniture in the area. Is the bed comfortable or does it keep you up nights? Are the storage spaces secure or are drawers constantly flying open when you’re on the road? Installing new bedding and storage is one way to make your truck more livable.


Restoring Semi Truck Interiors


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