Semi truck drivers spend a lot of time in their vehicles. Not only is a truck their workplace on the road, but it’s also their home and office. Maintaining an attractive and comfortable semi truck interior will help truckers get the most out of their investment and help them better cope with the stresses of life on the road.

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Restoring its interior, or just giving it a few upgrades, can also help boost the resale value of your truck. Most semi truck owners have more than $150,000 invested in their vehicles. Maintaining the value of their truck will help them better enjoy the fruits of their investment when it’s time to pass the truck on to another driver.

The Importance of Safety and Comfort

Truck safety is essential to getting to your next stop/destination without putting yourself and others in harm’s way. Comfort is one of the leading safety factors. Restoring your semi truck interior allows you to make improvements that leave your cabin cleaner, more organized, and pleasant to spend time in.

Why is this important? Being uncomfortable can make you irritable, tired, and distracted. From a seat that strains your back to a mattress that prevents you from getting adequate sleep, the resulting stress can leave you fatigued and even drowsy. Combined with long hours of driving, this can make you exhausted. The chances of getting into an accident are much higher; at the very least, you put yourself at risk of developing short- and long-term health problems.

A lack of organization can be distracting as well, but there are easy ways to fix this. By maintaining your cab, taking steps to make it more accommodating to your needs, and investing in safety upgrades and convenient accessories, your truck interior can be successfully restored.

Best Ways for Restoring Your Truck’s Interior

For truck drivers considering restoring or remodeling their trucks, here are a few tips:

Clean Your Cab

Having trash and dirt lying around in your cab is unsanitary. While it’s always good to clean it from time to time, you can make things easier by having a plastic bag or even a small trash can handy. You won’t have to spend time picking garbage up off the floor later. A storage bin is another helpful solution.

Other simple steps to cleaning your semi truck interior include:

  • Regularly cleaning crumbs, food wrappers, receipts, newspapers, water bottles, etc.
  • Vacuum the interior to collect dust and particles that can settle elsewhere in the truck.
  • Use a fabric/upholstery cleaner, such as shampoo or an extractor, to clean cloth seats.
  • Vacuum and wipe down the sleeper area, including bedding and hard surfaces.
  • Clean the dashboard with a gentle cleaning solution and a cloth.
  • Sanitize high-touch areas such as the steering wheel, gear shifter, and dashboard.
  • Clean floor mats of dirt that tracks in, using water, a brush, or even a steamer.
  • Don’t forget to clean glass, door panels, and storage compartments, as well as replace air filters.

Also, consider the overall condition of the cabin. Are the cup holders large and close by enough to be convenient? Do you have enough storage bins and drawers? Are all the air conditioner vents in good working order? If your cabin isn’t to your liking, you have many options to change it. Aftermarket products can add storage space, cup holders, and a variety of other truck interior accessories to make the cabin more functional and comfortable.

Restore Truck Seats

Your truck seat is where you’ll spend the most time in your vehicle. Being that you can spend up to 11 hours a day driving, that’s a lot of sitting! Make sure your seat provides enough lumbar support and doesn’t leave you feeling stiff or sore (proper cushioning can avoid or reduce back and neck pain).

Consider adding convenient features like ventilation or moisture resistance to further enhance their value. Seat covers (vinyl, cloth, or leather), extra cushioning, replacement backrests, armrests, and suspension components and controls from Suburban Seating & Safety can help improve seating conditions. We offer complete replacement semi truck seats as well, with many convenient features and customizable options.

Get a New Cab Mattress

If your truck has a compact sleeping or living space, consider the furniture in the area. Is the bed comfortable or does it keep you up at night? Are the storage spaces secure or are drawers constantly flying open when you’re on the road? Installing new bedding and storage is one way to make your truck more livable.

Replacing the mattress is one way to make your truck more livable. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep and quality rest if your mattress isn’t comfortable. At Suburban Seating & Safety, we offer Bostrom+Serta® and Somnum truck mattresses in many sizes. You can find one that fits your sleeping area and which is perfectly sized for you.

Replace Your Carpet

Check out the carpet. If it’s old and worn or irretrievably dirty, it can make your truck a much less pleasant place to spend time in. Replacing the carpet can make your truck more inviting, increase your pride in your vehicle, and boost its resale value.

However, when cleaning won’t get the job done, replacing the carpet is the next best step. You can purchase a carpet kit with pre-cut, easy-to-install pieces of carpet. However, you can protect your existing carpet—or any new one you install—with a floor mat. Carpeted floor mats can match the look of your truck and protect the underlying material from dirt, water, and stains. Therefore, they can go a long way in protecting your semi truck interior from damage.

Upgrade Safety Systems

While you’re spending time and hard-earned cash restoring your truck interior, it doesn’t hurt to invest in updating safety equipment. You might want to consider 2- and 3-point seatbelts, a digital LCD backup monitor, or Roadwatch safety equipment that tracks road surface and outside temperature to detect hazardous conditions. We also offer wireless receivers, back-up alarms, tether straps, and, for passenger vehicles, grab rail covers and sneeze guards.

Update Your Semi Truck Interior Accessories

Restoring Semi Truck Interiors
There’s a wide range of truck cab accessories you can benefit from. In addition to seat cushions and mattresses, we supply mobile device accessories like universal smartphone holders, dash mounts, and USB chargers. These let you keep your device running and use it hands-free so you can drive safely. To keep items stored securely, mountable hooks and elastic bungee cords are available so your belongings don’t get tossed around on bumpy roads.

Restore Your Semi Truck Interior and Seats Today

Suburban Seating & Safety provides consumers with the best aftermarket truck seats and truck interior accessories. If you’re considering restoring or upgrading your truck interior, check out the selection of products available from Suburban Seating & Safety. Our products range from seat cushions, upholstery, and parts to mattresses, mobile device and laptop mounts, backup cameras, temperature sensors, seat belts, and more.

Feel free to browse our inventory and place your order today using our secure online shopping system. Also, our sales are continuously updated so you can save. If you need assistance with ordering or have any questions, call 844-727-7328 now.

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