Semi-Trucks represent a big investment for independent truck drivers and trucking companies alike. With the average cost of a new tractor-trailer ranging from $140,000 to $175,000, it’s little wonder that truck owners take great pains to keep their investment mechanically sound and looking great. Often, they look for the best semi-truck seats so drivers are comfortable and protected against strain, discomfort and the health effects of sitting all day long.

One of the most important investments truck owners can make is purchasing new semi-truck seats for their vehicle. Good truck seats improve driver performance and help drivers avoid developing debilitating back conditions that can cut short their careers. Truckers face a higher risk of neck and back pain, arthritis, and a variety of other health issues due to the very nature of their jobs, which require sitting in place for many hours each day.

If you’re on the fence concerning whether to upgrade to new truck seats, such as air ride seats for semi-trucks from Suburban Seating & Safety, consider these three reasons why you should invest in a new truck seat:

1. Seat Features/Options/Customization

Off road suspension seat in black cloth

A truck driver’s work environment has a significant impact on their health, as they must sit for many hours each day. Seats can be selected based on cab height; taller spaces can accommodate high-back seats and taller seat frames for greater driver support. Some may also want a firmer cushion, especially if sitting in the same position for long periods, while an isolator will dampen back and forth motion while driving.

Air suspension provides stability in rough conditions and keeps a driver calm and focused. For example, the Bostrom Baja Mid Back Truck Seat has a built-in non-isolating scissor-type air suspension and the Bostrom Wide Ride+Serta® high-back seats have a specialized isolating air suspension, a gel memory foam for cooling, a heater or heater/ventilation system, and the BackCycler® system, which inflates and deflates the lumbar region to prevent pain and stiffness.

Cloth, vinyl, and leather upholstery materials are often available, so you can choose the type of material best suited for you or your fleet. Some models come with more advanced options such as tilting headrests, adjustable lumbar support, and tilt and recline angles, as well as seat heaters and massagers. If you can budget for them, these luxury options can provide the additional support you need.

2. Personal Well-Being

Comfortable drivers are healthy and safe drivers. Long hours sitting in a truck seat can have a negative impact on driver health if their backs and necks aren’t properly supported. Older seats or seats that have been damaged or worn out simply don’t give drivers the support they need, resulting in chronic lower back pain.

Drivers who are distracted by pain are more likely to make errors and be less alert. The discomfort from pain can also make drivers more susceptible to road rage. In addition, truck drivers are more at risk of developing health issues such as:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Muscle spasms
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Poor circulation
  • Digestive problems
  • Obesity
  • Sleep apnea
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • … and a host of other interconnected problems

Installing ergonomic new semi-truck air seats can keep drivers efficient and safe.

Truckers spend a lot of time behind the wheel. They’ll enjoy that time much more if they’re sitting in a clean and attractive seat that provides needed support. Also, seats that are worn or have cracks in the upholstery just aren’t very appealing, especially if you’re going to be spending eight to ten hours per day in them.

3. Resale Value

At some point, most truck owners will want to pass their truck on to another driver, but they want to get a good price for it. New buyers will check out the seats of any truck they consider buying. Truck owners can, therefore, command higher prices for their vehicle if they ensure it has comfortable and attractive seats at the time of resale.

Replacing seats and keeping them in good condition is considered an important aspect of truck maintenance. A potential buyer who sees evidence your vehicle has been well-maintained will be more confident there will be fewer problems overall with the truck. Semis are an investment, so the less upkeep a new owner needs to do later, the better.

Resale value is, thus, one of the three reasons you should invest in a semi truck seat.

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Best Truck Seat Features and Add-Ons

For maximum comfort and support, look for truck seats with:

  • Adjustability – The ability to adjust seat height, seat depth, backrest angle, and even damper response allows you to achieve the most comfort. With the right settings, it’s easier to reach the pedals with your feet, keep your arms comfortable, and sit without too much pressure on your back and legs.
  • Lumbar support – Look for good upper and lower lumbar support to help improve your posture while sitting. This reduces strain that can cause a great deal of discomfort when driving, which can impact your well-being and safety.
  • Dual adjustable armrests – Support for your arms helps relieve muscle tension and promote good posture. In addition to being ergonomic, armrests are considered a passive safety feature that can help protect occupants during a side impact collision.
  • Quality materials – Upholstery options include cloth, vinyl, or leather, giving you room to choose from the type of material you prefer or that provides the highest level of comfort. Durable, long-lasting material also helps seats last longer and retains a better appearance throughout their usable life.

Semi-truck seat cushions are equally, if not more, important. Top-quality seats often have built-in cushions with industry-leading designs and materials. A proper cushion can have a similar effect as a supportive mattress. It’s just as well—drivers spending 8-10 hours a day on the job use their semi-truck air ride seats about just as much as a mattress.

Memory foam and air seat cushions are best but, in addition to finding the best driver seat for a semi-truck, it’s important to exercise healthy habits such as stopping for a walk every now and then. Also try shifting your sitting position occasionally and do keep your feet flat on the floor. Your hips should be level with or a little higher than your knees.


Replacement truck seats can be used to change out passenger seats, as truckers are often not allowed to carry passengers. Replace the passenger side seat with a different model to reduce noise. A full day’s work will come with more peace and quiet, and drivers can better focus on their jobs. It’s safe to say that there are many options when it comes to replacement seats for trucks. Some of the most highly recommended models include:

Bostrom Pro Ride

A recognized commercial truck seating brand, Bostrom offers many options to suit your truck model, height, and budget. Its Pro Ride seat is designed to maintain equilibrium in most road conditions and reduce driver fatigue. The Flex Support System provides cushioning for the back and reduces stress on the hips, while an isolating air suspension improves stability in tough conditions. Even better, the cushion can be tilted while the arms can be adjusted to match any preferred arm position.

Bostrom Talladega T Series

The Flex Support Cushion Systems reduce compression to provide a smoother ride. We offer high- and mid-back models with a wide range of adjustments to add lumbar and muscle support, including a recline feature that can achieve infinite settings by removing a limiter bolt. A scissor suspension optimizes weight distribution and provides stability.

Bostrom T910 high back truck seat in gray vinyl

National Commodore Series

This features the BackCycler® system to prevent strain on muscles and ligaments, improve driving posture, reduce pressure on spinal discs, and improve circulation. It also has triple chamber air lumbar support and an air adjustable bottom and back side bolsters. We offer the National Commodore Series of truck seats in leather or Mordura cloth, and we accept custom orders.

Sears Atlas II DLX Series

The ToggleLink Air Suspension® (which reduces side-to-side rocking), “Stabilizer” double-locking slides with 9" travel and fore/aft isolator, and “Comfort Zone” back frame structure provide maximum support. Atlas II DLX seats also have a quad chamber air lumbar, 3-position seat cushion tilt and extension, and contoured metal seat pan. Contoured to the natural shape of the spine, the seat can keep drivers relaxed throughout an entire day on the road.

Knoedler Air Chief

Standard features include contoured seat and back cushions, supportive seat foam with K-Webbing, an air suspension system with 6" stroke, and a 1.5" seat cushion extension adjustment. The back recline mechanism is infinitely adjustable. Dual adjustable armrests are optional, as is a foam adjustment system and multi-chamber air-lumbar support system. The seat can also be fit with a driver or passenger swivel, massage system, heating and cooling elements, and a 23" wide cushion.

In addition to truck seats, cushions, and parts, we also offer a range of options and accessories. These include add-on arm rests, foam pads, and swivels, as well as slip covers and replacement cushions. Also browse our selection of truck mattresses, document holders, laptop mounts, dash mounts, USB chargers, bungee cords, and replacement mirrors.

Order Replacement Truck Seats Today

We hope these three reasons you should invest in a new semi seat, plus our overview of features and recommendations, convince you to upgrade your truck or fleet. Suburban Seating & Safety carries a wide range of seats, including custom truck seats, as well as truck interior accessories. Check out our line of brand-name air ride seats and accessories to find the best semi-truck seats on the market. To learn more or purchase the comfortable, ergonomic seat you’ve been searching for, contact us today.

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