Independent truck drivers and trucking companies are paying more attention to their truck seats as study after study show the impact a comfortable, well-supported seat can have on driver health and well-being. Semi truck seat manufacturers make a lot of promises, and it’s often hard to tell the difference between greatness and mediocrity in seats.


Look for in a New Truck Seat

Truckers and trucking company employees in charge of procurement should evaluate truck seats based on the following features:


  • Adjustable driving positions – Make sure that the seats you purchase offer many ways to adjust them. Vehicles with multiple drivers will need to accommodate the size of several people and even single-driver vehicles need to give drivers options to adjust the seat for greater comfort.
  • Lumbar support – This one is very important. Low back pain can create major long-term health problems for drivers, making them more likely to need pain medication or to be frequently absent from work. Good lumbar support can mitigate the effects of hours on the road each day.

Low back pain


  • Good cushioning – Proper semi truck seats need ample cushioning to provide comfort and support for drivers. Cushioning should be firm but gentle and be capable of holding up through many hours of use.
  • Manufacturer – Your best bet at getting a comfortable truck seat that’s worth the money you spend is to purchase one from a reputable manufacturer. Go online and check out product reviews to find who the best players in the industry are.
  • Adjustable arm rests – Good arm rests can help drivers take pressure off their neck and back. By purchasing seats that offer lots of armrest adjustment options, truckers can better find the setting that works best for them.
  • Climate controlled seats – Seats with warming and cooling features can be a huge benefit in extreme temperatures, allowing drivers to get comfortable and get on the road more quickly.


Drivers who suffer from leg and back pain are more likely to be less alert and to engage in bad driving behaviors than drivers who are comfortable. To get the best efficiency and safety from drivers, it pays to invest in their health and well-being with quality truck seats.


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