The trucking industry has a proud tradition of keeping America’s economy rolling, providing jobs, and ensuring that goods and materials are reliably transported around the country. Even if you’ve sat in a truck seat for decades, there may be a few things about the industry you didn’t know. Take a look at these facts about the trucking industry:


  • Semi trucks are just 15 percent of the entire U.S. trucking fleet, but they account for 42 percent of all miles traveled by commercial trucks. Big trucks carry about 70 percent of all the goods hauled in the U.S. each year.
  • The fuel economy of semi trucks has made small gains in efficiency over the last few decades. In 1973, semis got just 5.6 miles per gallon. Today, semis on average get an average of about 6.5 mpg. New regulations are aimed at increasing average fuel economy to 7.2 mpg.
  • Semi trucks clock a lot of miles each year. Semis travel about 279 billion miles each year in the U.S. That’s an incredible number of miles.


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  • There will soon be a huge demand for new truck drivers in the U.S., as the current workforce is drawing close to retirement age. The average age of a commercial driver in the U.S. is 55, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. New driver training programs are launching at community colleges and trade schools throughout the U.S.
  • About a third of the more than 1.9 million semi trucks in operation in the U.S. are registered in three states—California, Texas, and Florida. Big populations and big business communities are why many truckers call these states home.
  • Mud flaps aren’t just for keeping mud off the vehicle; they also improve airflow, reduce water spray, and decrease drag, which helps with fuel economy and safety. It’s amazing how these inexpensive accessories can contribute so much to a truck’s operations.


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