For many truck drivers, their vehicle’s cab is their home away from home when they’re on the road. However, when temperatures drop below freezing, there are some truck accessories big truck drivers may need to take to rest safely and comfortably.


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  • Get an APU – Most trucking stops have rules against idling your truck for lengthy periods, so you’ll need an alternative power source for running heat in your vehicle. An Alternative Power Unit is a generator that can power the truck’s heating and cooling system or a space heater in the cab.
  • Invest in an electric heating blanket – An electric heating blanket uses only a small amount of electricity and can help keep truck drivers warm on cold nights. Be sure to get a recently manufactured one, and check out product reviews to ensure it is safe.
  • Buy quality bedding – Make sure you have comfortable sheets and thick blankets, as these will help keep you relaxed and warm on cold winter nights.
  • Consider a sleeping bag – Sleeping bags help you retain body heat on cold winter nights. Find a good quality sleeping bag intended for outdoor camping, and you’ll weather most cold nights fine in your cab.
  • Add window films – Low emissivity window films can help keep heat in your truck by preventing it from escaping through cold windows. Low emissivity window films are easy to buy and install and will help keep your truck warm in the cold months.
  • Don’t be afraid to check into a hotel – If it’s really cold and staying in the truck is greatly uncomfortable, just check into a hotel. The small fee it will cost is worth it when you consider the increased risk to safety that not getting a good night’s sleep will pose to you and other drivers.


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