Thanks to their training and long hours spent driving in truck seats, professional truck drivers are some of the safest motorists on America’s highways. In fact, the vast majority of accidents that truckers get into are the fault of other motorists, according to the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association.


On-the-road safety


Professional truckers know that there is always room for improvement regarding safety, and some of the best suggest the following tips for on-the-road safety:

  • Load your cargo the smart way – The higher your cargo is stacked, the more drag you create on the truck, impairing fuel economy. Stack the cargo low and spread it throughout the space of your truck to keep your truck nimble and boost gas mileage.
  • Avoid distractions – Although it should go without saying that drivers should avoid texting and fiddling with their phones on the road, many people do it anyway. In many cases, distracted driving puts you at greater risk of an accident than drunk driving. Just don’t do it.
  • Check your truck regularly – Before starting each day, give your truck a good check. Take a look at fluid levels, mirror placement, tire condition, brakes, and other important features. If anything is off, get it taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Watch the weather – Being aware of weather conditions where you’re at and where you’re going will help you better plan your trip and adjust for changing conditions. Don’t let a thunderstorm or other serious weather condition catch you unaware. Listen to weather reports and check weather apps on your smartphone at stops.
  • Be careful of blind spots – Know where your blind spots on your vehicle are and take steps to ensure you avoid colliding with vehicles that may be in those spots. New electronic monitoring equipment hitting the market is greatly helping to reduce blind spot accidents.
  • Reduce speed in construction zones – Because trucks are difficult to stop, they are especially dangerous in construction zones. Be sure to slow down in these areas. You’ll not just decrease the likelihood of an accident, you’ll also reduce your risk of getting a very expensive ticket for speeding through a work zone.
  • Stay healthy – Maintaining yourself is just as important as maintaining your truck. Get plenty of rest, eat right, and pace yourself on the road. Also, put in a little time at the gym when possible. Strong, alert drivers get into fewer accidents and have less downtime from injury or exhaustion.



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