Let’s face it. 12 hours in a truck seat can get uncomfortable. Uncomfortable drivers are less productive and may also be more likely to get into accidents.


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Fortunately, truckers have a variety of techniques to stay comfortable and safe on long hauls, and there are also many accessories on the market to make their journeys less burdensome. For truck drivers searching for new gear, check out these great accessories that are perfect for long trips:


  • RoadWatch Safety Equipment – This system keeps drivers aware of road conditions by monitoring road surface temperature and outside air temperature. Long haul truckers know the dangers presented by icy roads. The RoadWatch system can keep them aware of potential dangers, helping them avoid accidents.
  • Device Mounts for Smartphones – Smartphones are handy for navigation and communications, but drivers shouldn’t fiddle with them while operating a big truck. Device mounts provide easy access for navigation and voice-activated calling and texting.
  • Mattresses – When you’re getting a little downtime at a truck stop or other rest area, having a quality mattress helps. Innerspace mattresses are designed specifically for trucks and provide the comfort needed to help truckers get some much-needed shut-eye on long hauls.
  • Document Holders – Losing track of important documents like insurance, ID cards, and other required paperwork can help you avoid wasting time searching for them and problems that may arise if you lose them. A good document holder can help keep you organized on the road.
  • Cushions – Ergonomic seating is important to the performance and career longevity of truckers – bad support can contribute to many back issues that can cut short a career. Seat cushions in big trucks can get worn out by the day to day task of keeping drivers comfortable and supported. For drivers looking for an upgrade, Suburban Seating & Safety offers cushy and comfy replacements.


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