Seating on ferry boats has gotten more comfortable. There are many options, including boat air ride seats from Suburban Seating & Safety, a leading distributor of aftermarket truck, auto, and other seating. Aside from new and replacement seats, safety is a major concern. Some of the most important safety tips for ferry passengers include:


Before Boarding


  • Make sure your car is locked and valuables are hidden.
  • Give yourself enough time to board prior to departure.
  • Refrain from climbing over railings or other barriers.
  • Don’t board the ferry on a bike, skateboard, or rollerblades.
  • Don’t touch, move, or manipulate ramps or walkways.
  • At night, stay in well-lit areas and within sight of incoming ferries.
  • Don’t allow children to play on the dock.


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Safety While on the Dock


People typically disembark before you can board. Allow them room to leave before the deckhand gives the signal to board. Gangways can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Therefore, always hold the handrail, keep an eye on your footing, and stay off your mobile phone while boarding.


Also, give careful attention to the elderly and individuals accompanied by caregivers or who use mobility aids. Let them go in front so they have room to board. This also gives them time to do so safely.


When Aboard the Vessel


Rushing to a vessel and carelessness on the dock can lead to serious injuries or even falling overboard. Once you find your seat:


  • Keep luggage out of the way and ask for help stowing large items.
  • Note where the exits and lifejackets are located.
  • Hold on to a bicycle or secure it to a bike rack.
  • Don’t lean out the window.
  • Refrain from standing on top of seats.
  • Don’t sit children on your shoulders or rails.
  • Don’t sit on the boat’s edge or on the bow.
  • Stay seated, as ferries are prone to sudden movements with the water.


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Suburban Replacement Seats Maximize Comfort


We supply floor- and wall-mounted models from leading brands for passengers and pilots, in addition to our line of automobile replacement seats. You’ll find single- and double-models, including boat air ride seats and jump seats. Continue on our site to purchase products, review testimonials, or get more information (by submitting our contact form). For personalized assistance, call Suburban Seating & Safety toll-free at (844) 727-7328.


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