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As time passes, truck seats are likely to become worn, stained, discolored, and uncomfortable. If the time has come for your fleet’s seats to be replaced, you don’t want to choose just any old truck seat. Here are 8 tips you’ll want to follow to ensure that you pick the best auto replacement seats to keep your drivers comfortable and secured.


1. Choose a Reliable Manufacturer

Like any product on the market, you get what you pay for. The truck seats you purchase should be created by a well-known manufacturer in the seating industry. Trusted manufacturers should use top of the line material and craftsmanship.


2. Adjustability Is Important

Truck drivers have their own driving positions that are most comfortable for them. This means that you’ll want to invest in custom truck seats that adjust to provide a stress-free and supportive position.


3. Lumbar Support

Periods of sitting for hours on end often lead to back and neck problems. Truck seats with proper lumbar support will reduce the discomfort and pain that truck drivers face on a daily basis.


4. Armrests

Trucker seats with armrests are extremely comfortable. It’s nice for truckers to be able to rest their arms when driving, which has been proven to reduce pressure on muscles in the upper back and neck.


5. Proper Cushioning

No one likes to sit on a hard seat! Comfortable and supportive seat cushions are a must for your truckers to enjoy their long drives on the road. Be sure to test a few seats in-person to experience the seat cushion.


6. Quality Material

These days, you’ll find custom truck seats available in leather or cloth material. Many truckers prefer leather, as it’s easier to maintain and to keep clean in the event of a spill, but cloth seats are also a viable option.


7. Heating & Cooling

During the colder months, it’s nice to be greeted with a warm seat. The same goes for warmer months when no one wants to sit on an overly hot leather seat. Temperature-controlled seating is great for even higher levels of comfort and relaxation.


8. Ventilation

Sitting in the same place for hours on end often leads to sweating. Ventilated seats can help to minimize moisture that causes sweating, which is definitely uncomfortable.



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