One safety accessory every truck driver needs is a dash cam system. Dash cams provide added protection when driving as they record what is in front of you. In the event of an accident, you can use the camera footage to show the other driver was at fault. This type of system can also make it easier to see what is around your truck when backing up or changing lanes.

Finding the best high-quality dash cam for your truck does require doing a little bit of research to learn more about the various features and options found on various models. Let’s take a look at some general buying information you will need to know when shopping for dash cams.

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  • How wide is the view field? The wider the view field, the more the camera can see. You want a dash cam that can capture a wide view for the best coverage.
  • How fast is the dash cam’s frame rate? Frame rates are important, as they determine how well it well the camera records as you are moving. Just like the view field, higher frame rates are better if you want to avoid blurry playback.
  • What is the operating temperature range? You want to make sure the dash cam can handle the cold or heat for those times you shut off your truck.
  • How is the dash cam mounted? This one might not seem that big of a concern, but you should still explore how the camera is mounted. For example, you are leasing your truck. You may not want to use a permanent installation method.
  • Is the screen built-in or does it require a separate display? Some screens will be built-in to the dash cam to create an “all-in-one” device while others can require connecting to a separate display.
  • What is the recording capacity of the dash cam and can it be expanded? If you want to make sure the camera has plenty of recording capacity, you want a model that allows you to add an SD memory card to expand its internal storage.
  • Is there smart features built-in? If you want to access the camera and video from your smartphone over Wi-Fi, then your camera will need smart features.
  • Can the dash cam be integrated with other cameras on your truck? Some systems might allow you to connect blind spot cameras and backup cameras to the system so you can use the same monitor or display.


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Hopefully, these questions help you start thinking about the type of dash camera you want for your truck. When you are ready to start shopping, please feel free to explore our online store, or call Suburban Seating & Safety at 844-727-7328. We carry a wide range of camera systems and accessories, including products from Brigade Electronics.

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