Having a comfortable ride when driving a semi-truck is important to ensure you do not get drowsy or distracted while driving. While you probably have the interior of your semi-truck decked out with all the comforts you deserve, you also need to make sure the exterior of your truck is equally outfitted with the right semi-truck exterior accessories.

1. Backup Cameras and Alarms

It is difficult to see what is behind you, and this is where backup cameras and alarms help. The camera allows you to see behind the trailer when backing up. The alarm alerts others nearby that you are backing up so they stay clear.

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2. RoadWatch Safety Sensors

This device monitors the air and ground temperatures so you will always know road conditions. This is a must-have accessory if you drive in areas that get snow and ice. You will know if road conditions are deteriorating and find somewhere safe to stop.

3. Heated and Convex Truck Mirrors

Heated mirrors keep ice and snow off of them so you have a clear view in cold winter weather. Convex truck mirrors help reduce the blind spots on the left and ride side of your truck. You can see when a motorist is next to the trailer or truck.

4. Light Kits and Light Strips

Every semi-truck and trailer has minimum lighting requirements. Yet, you can go above and beyond these requirements by adding more lights and light strips to the exterior. The more lights you have, the easier it is for other drivers to see you when driving at night, in the rain, or through fog.

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5. Exterior Hose, Wire, and Cable Tracker Bars

These bars attach to the rear of the cab. They help you keep hoses, wires, and cables organized while reducing the risks of damage. Not to mention, when the hoses, wires, and cables are organized, it makes it easier and faster to connect them to a trailer.

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