Truckers spend long hours in their truck seats, traveling hundreds of miles each day. While it may be tough to work a little time for getting out of their seats into their schedule, finding that time can have a big impact on truckers’ health and the longevity of their careers.


Health experts say that prolonged sitting has serious health risks and is associated with higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, muscle and joint problems, and even cancer. Some experts say that prolonged sitting is even more dangerous than smoking.


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There’s a wealth of data dating back to the 1950s illustrating the health risks posed by sitting. According to the Washington Post, medical researchers have determined that workers who sit for long hours have twice the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease and a 13 percent increased risk of cancer.


Exercising vigorously before or after a shift can improve your health, but researchers say breaking up the time spent sitting is absolutely imperative to preventing the negative effects of prolonged sitting. While office workers can get up and move around during their workday, truckers don’t have this luxury. There are a few things truckers can do to mitigate the negative health effects of prolonged sitting, including:


  • Make the most out of stops. Move around; if you’ve stopped to fuel up, use that time to stretch, walk around your truck, or do some pushups or other exercises.
  • Take breaks. Schedule your route so you can take a few breaks during your travels to get out of your seat and get some exercise. It can be difficult, but it’s worth it.
  • Improve your seating. There are some great custom truck seating products on the market that can minimize some of the musculoskeletal impacts of prolonged sitting in a truck seat. Install them in your vehicle to help avoid developing back problems and other issues that plague many truck drivers.

Truck drivers have greater reported incidences of obesity and risk factors for chronic disease than workers in many other professions. Long hours spent sitting are largely to blame. Finding ways to break up sedentary time can help you extend your working careers and improve your quality of life.

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