The hot summer months can make truckers’ lives miserable, as parking their vehicles for long hours outside can heat up the cab to unbearable temperatures. Even with air conditioning, truckers can spend a considerable amount of time sweating in their truck seats before the temperature in the cab is under control.


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Fortunately, there are several things truck drivers can do to keep their vehicles cool during the summer months. It’s not just a matter of comfort; it’s also a matter of safety, as drivers who get too hot are at greater risk of health issues, such as heart attacks or kidney stones, and because uncomfortable drivers are less safe drivers.


To keep your cab cool during the summer months, consider these helpful tips practiced by veteran drivers:


  • Dress appropriately – Cotton or linen shirts will help draw sweat away from your body, while a broad-brimmed hat will keep the sun out of your eyes and help keep your face from getting sunburned when you’re outside.
  • Stay hydrated – Always make sure that you drink plenty of water when you’re on the road. Getting dehydrated will make you less comfortable, and it can also affect your attentiveness to the road and ability to quickly react to road conditions.
  • Keep the A/C in good repair – If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooling the way it should, get a mechanic to check out the vehicle. Chances are that you need some coolant, but a more serious problem may be present. Taking action now can prevent major hassles later. The last thing you want is your air conditioning to go out on a long trip in July.
  • Open your window – If you’re going to park your truck for a while, and you’re sure it’s not going to rain, roll down your windows to keep air circulating through the vehicle. It will help keep the cab of your vehicle cooler.
  • Invest in ventilated seats – Truck seats can retain a lot of heat. Ventilated seats keep truckers cool by circulating air through the seats. You can buy custom or regular truck seats with this innovative feature.


Truck Cab Cool This Summer


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