Getting cargo to its destination and getting it there on time are important priorities for truckers, but safety is also a critical priority and, in some weather conditions, the risks involved with driving make staying grounded the best course.


Drivers of large trucks


Certain adverse weather conditions pose elevated dangers for drivers of large trucks. Because large trucks are so much harder to slow down and stop, visibility and traction are especially important.


  • Severe storm conditions – Truck drivers should regularly check weather apps on their smartphone and pay attention to radio alerts concerning severe storm conditions. Should a severe storm or tornado threaten their area, truckers should try to plan an alternate route or seek shelter. Strong winds from severe storms, as well as debris that a storm may produce, put drivers of semis and other big trucks at risk.
  • Sun glare – Sun glare is a condition truckers need to take precautions against. Driving toward the sun at certain times of day can significantly impair your visibility, making an accident more likely. Try to plan your route to avoid driving into the sun at times of day when glare is bad. Also, keep sunglasses and other truck accessories onboard to reduce glare.
  • Extreme fog – Fog can greatly reduce visibility, putting truckers and other drivers on the road at risk. Truckers who find themselves in severe fog conditions should get off the road until it passes. Even in mild fog conditions, drivers should exercise caution, slow down, and make use of their fog lights.
  • Extreme ice and snow – If possible, truckers should avoid driving in conditions of severe snow and ice. Should truckers have to travel in snow or icy conditions, they should equip their vehicle with any tire chains or snow tires, as needed. Truckers traveling on snowy or icy roads should also avoid fast turns and quick stops, and approach intersections with extreme caution.

Truck seats


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