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Big trucks spend most of their time on open interstates and major highways, but there are many truck drivers who must navigate the maze of city streets in order to reach their final destination. Unlike highways, city streets are much smaller and narrower, leaving little room for error. City streets are also much more crowded than major freeways. This means that truckers have to be on heightened guard to avoid accidents and delivery delays.


Are you city bound on your next big rig trip? If so, keep reading for seven commercial driving safety tips so that you can successfully navigate an urban area.


1. Optimize Your Visibility

Visibility is important each time you get behind the wheel of your truck, but visibility is even more critical when navigating city streets. One of the best ways to improve your visibility is to properly adjust your truck seat so that you have a full range of vision and are comfortable.


At Suburban Seating & Safety, we sell a variety of truck seats and accessories so that you can avoid the common risks that rig drivers face in the city. Top options include ergonomic seats, back-up cameras, and large truck mirrors.


2. Budget Your Time Wisely

Traveling five miles in an urban environment takes much longer than traveling five miles on the freeway. Before you enter the city, factor in the time you need to successfully navigate to your destination. Avoid rushing and if possible, pad your schedule with a few extra minutes so that you can account for any unexpected delays.


3. Plan Your Route

The backbone of truck driver safety is planning. Cities often have roads that are impassable by big trucks, and you’ll want to know this well ahead of time. Plan your route ahead of time by using a GPS and other technological routing tools so that you can get in and out of the city without incident.


4. Be Extra Cautious in the Rain

When driving a big rig, you already know the importance of driving carefully in the rain, but, in an urban environment, you’ll need to be even more cautious. Streets are more likely to have oil on them, making them even more slippery. You also have less room to stop your truck.


5. Don’t Assume Green Means Go

Outside of the city, when a light turns green, you’re typically able to quickly press the gas and get back to moving, but, when approaching an intersection in a city, you’ll want to slowly accelerate and be on the lookout. City drivers may run the light, and you’re also more likely to come across a stray pedestrian crossing the street.


6. Know Your “No” Zone

Other drivers, bikers, and pedestrians are likely to enter your no zone. Always check your mirrors and be mindful of blind spots as you make your way down busy streets.


7. Be Careful with Left Turns

Before making a left turn in a city, always enter the left lane. This minimizes how much your trailer swings right. The less you go into the other lane, the less likely it is that you’ll come into contact with a driver or even a parked car.


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With a little extra planning and caution, truck drivers can successfully navigate their way through crowded city streets. To ensure optimal comfort and safety, be sure to use an ergonomic truck seat along with safety accessories that expand your visibility.


Suburban Seating & Safety is a trusted provider for truck seats and safety accessories. We sell seat belts, back-up cameras, road watch sensors, and large mirrors to improve your visibility and safety when driving a big rig.


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