Hundreds of thousands of city buses and private transit buses hit the road each morning to take people to work and tourists to their destinations. Keeping bus seats in good shape helps municipalities and other bus owners maximize their investment in their buses and ensure passenger health and safety.


Transit Bus Seats

Transit buses aren’t cheap, and many municipalities face huge budgetary challenges, as tax revenue is still a struggle for many communities. As a result, many cities and governmental organizations are doing their best to make buses last as long as possible. The average municipal transit bus has been on the road for eight years or more.


Tourists and commuters can be tough on equipment, and bus seats are no exception. Along with regular wear and temperature-related damage, bus seats are often intentionally damaged by unruly children.


Worn-out seats can be uncomfortable for students and others, making them more likely to act out on the bus. They can also pose risks to their health and safety, as worn out seats increase the risk of injury or do not provide adequate protection in the event of a crash.


Here are a few signs you may need to replace your bus seats:


  • Vinyl is torn and cloth underneath is exposed – Some bus owners may think that having the cloth underneath the vinyl exposed isn’t a big deal, but it is. The vinyl is often the flame retardant part of the bus seat. The cloth underneath may not be. If the cloth underneath is exposed, it can ignite in the event of a fire. The flame retardant vinyl would be slower to burn, giving people more time to flee the bus.
  • Bus seats are loose – A loose bus seat may cause an injury if it detaches from the floor and causes a passenger to fall or strike another surface on the bus. Bus seats should be connected securely to the floor of the bus.
  • Cushioning is worn out – Worn out seat cushions aren’t going to be comfortable and can contribute to injury if they’ve deteriorated to the point where bracing underneath the seat can be felt through it.
  • Seat backs are worn out – Seat backs need to be well-padded, as it is likely that passengers will strike them if there’s an accident and the occupants of the bus are flung around.

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