While gasoline prices are currently low, fuel costs remain an important issue for truckers, as improving efficiency can help truckers cut costs and improve the profitability of their operations. Also, by developing good fuel efficiency habits now, truckers will be better able to weather price hikes that are always just one supply hiccup or geopolitical situation away from occurring.


Reduce Fuel Costs


For truckers who’d like to improve their fuel economy, these tips employed by industry veterans can help:

  • Reduce weight – Your truck is carrying tons of cargo; don’t add to it with unnecessary weight in the cab. Carry the truck interior accessories that are essential for comfort, health, and entertainment, but avoid carrying too many items in your truck.
  • Keep an eye on the speedometer – Traveling at speeds of 65 mph may get you to your destination faster, but it will reduce your fuel economy and run the risk of getting pulled over in some areas. Where possible, keep your speed to a reasonable maximum to ensure fuel efficiency.
  • Check your tire pressure – Under-inflated tires can drastically decrease fuel efficiency. Before every trip, check the pressure on your tires and make sure that they’re inflated to proper levels. Also, be sure to immediately repair or replace tires that appear to have a leak.
  • Stop the idling – When your truck is running but not moving, it’s wasting fuel. When stopped at a truck stop or in a traffic jam that appears to be lengthy, cut the engine to conserve fuel.
  • Avoid rapid acceleration – When you floor it, you make your engine work harder to reach your desired speed. This requires more fuel. By giving up your lead-footed ways and accelerating slowly, you can reduce your fuel consumption.


In addition to reducing fuel consumption, better fuel efficiency habits will cut carbon emissions, thus reducing the transportation industry’s environmental footprint.


smart driving strategies


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