One of the latest advancements in new trucking technology is the use of a RoadWatch sensor by truck drivers and fleet managers. RoadWatch is designed to provide temperature detection, but it is much more than your typical thermometer. A RoadWatch Tracker System is designed to provide two vital services truck drivers and fleet managers can utilize.


  1. When installed on commercial trucks, buses, and other such vehicles, the RoadWatch Tracker System improves vehicle travel safety. The sensor takes measurements of real-time air and road temperatures. These can be used to help determine when there could be potentially dangerous driving conditions.
  2. When used on road management snow removal and salt/sand application trucks, the RoadWatch Tracker System helps provide more accurate and efficient removal and application processes. In addition, the system can be used at other times of the year, like when repainting lines on roadways.


truck trailer on raining road


Aside from these two vital services, the RoadWatch Tracker System also offers the following benefits:


  • Vehicle Location in Real-Time
  • Vehicle MPH
  • Vehicle Stop and Idle Times
  • Real-Time Road Conditions
  • Can Operate as a Standalone Device or Integrated with Other Vehicle Controls
  • Can Be Used to Determine the Most Efficient and Fastest Routes to Take
  • Fleet Manages Have Access to Data with View Tools Like ArcGIS or Google Earth
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Easy Installation
  • Can Be Easily Moved from One Truck to Another
  • Can Be Used to Obtain Complete Spreader Information on Salt/Sand Trucks
  • Improves Salt/Sand Spreading Efficiencies
  • Color-Coded Road Temperatures
  • Color-Coded Paths/Routes
  • Low-Cost “Smart Device” Solution


RoadWatch uses very precise infrared (IR) energy being radiated by the road. Using the IR data provided by the sensor, the system converts this into an easy to understand road surface temperature reading, which is constantly updated.


road watch tracker


With winter and inclement weather right around the corner, now is the time to get the RoadWatch Tracking System and Sensors, whether you are a truck driver or a fleet manager. For further information about RoadWatch or to order your system, please feel free to contact Suburban Seating & Safety at 1-844-SAS-SEAT or (844-727-7328) today!


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