Driver comfort is no small matter for trucking companies, as it can affect drivers’ safety on their road and their health. A growing number of trucking companies are making greater investments in ergonomic semi truck seats, recognizing the importance of providing lower back support for their drivers.


Leather Seat


One question that often comes up as trucking firms select new seats is whether they should choose cloth or leather. The answer largely depends on the individual circumstances of the trucking company purchasing those seats.


  • Price – Leather seats will always cost more than cloth seats. Prices for seats will range from the mid-hundreds to around $2,000 for leather seats, while cloth seats are typically less expensive, although some higher-end cloth seats may cost more than low-tier leather.
  • Stains – Leather seats are far easier to clean than cloth seats, as stains that would become ingrained in cloth will wipe up easily off of less absorbent leather.
  • Temperature sensitivity – Cloth seats are less sensitive to the weather than leather seats. During the summertime, when temperatures are hot, drivers won’t stick to cloth seats the way they would leather seats. Also, in winter, cloth seats aren’t as cold to the touch as leather seats. Leather seats can be equipped with heating and cooling, but this will add to their cost.
  • Sliding – Cloth seats have more grip than leather, keeping drivers from sliding. This may be an advantage in situations where sliding may cause drivers to hit the gas or the brake too hard.
  • Repair – When leather seats are damaged, they are much more difficult and expensive to repair than cloth seats.
  • Back support – Both cloth and leather seats can be easily equipped with lumbar support features, so cloth and leather are tied with regard to this feature of automobile seats.


When choosing between cloth and leather seats, trucking firms will need to weigh their budget, safety, and several other factors to make the choice that’s right for them.


Cloth Seat


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