One part of being a truck driver is being able to sit for long periods while driving. While this might sound relatively easy to do, you have to remember that the comfort of your truck seat will determine how long you can sit comfortably.

Proper Vehicle Seat Adjustment

If your seat cushion or the back support on the truck seat is not that good, you will start to notice aches and pains. You may even find your legs start to feel stiff and numb from sitting too long. The last thing you want to have to do is stop every few hours to stretch your legs when you could be sitting for longer if you had a high-quality, heavy-duty truck seat with superior comfort.

In addition, when your truck seat is not comfortable, you tend to shift how you sit, resulting in poor posture. You might slouch forward slightly, increasing strain on the upper back that can lead to stiffness and soreness.

You might decide to recline the seat back and lean back partially reclined in the truck seat. However, driving this way can be dangerous, as it makes it harder to see out the front of the truck.

Other issues you might experience from poor posture and an uncomfortable truck seat include:

  • Stress on Spinal Ligaments
  • Back and Muscle Pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Poor Blood Circulation
  • Digestive/Intestinal Problems
  • Joint and Bone Pain

So, now that you know about some of the problems that you could experience for sitting for long periods on a poor-quality truck seat, you will definitely want to upgrade your truck with a high-quality truck seat from one of the following top brands:

#1: National Commodore Series Truck Seats

National Commodore seats have a three-chamber air lumbar support and BackCycler system to provide added comfort and back support. The BackCycler system is designed to help alleviate strain on ligaments and muscles, improve circulation, and reduce spinal disc pressure and compression.

Another feature found on National Commodore seats are the larger seat cushions and backs with more extended armrests to provide truck drivers with plenty of space and comfort while driving. You can also find other National Seats with the BackCycler system and other features like heating, cooling, and massage.

#2. Bostrom Talladega T-Series

Bostrom offers access to a wide range of high-quality truck seats. One of their preferred seats is the Bostrom Talladega T-Series. This seat helps reduce back compression, prevent muscle soreness and stiffness, and improve lumbar support with superior cushions that are part of their Flex Support Cushion System.

This system is designed to keep changes in the seat position, tilt, and height from affecting the support provided by the back and seat cushions. In addition, you can find Talladega seats with and without armrests and other customizable features and options.

#3. Knoedler Truck Seats

Knoedler offers various truck seats with customizable features and options in different seat series, including:

  • Knoedler Air Chief
  • Knoedler Low Rider
  • Knoedler Power Chief
  • Knoedler Extreme Low Rider

Each of these series includes their patented foam cushion design and prosperity cushion design to provide a superior truck seat for increased support and comfort. Furthermore, the seats are designed to help reduce soreness, back pain, fatigue, and spinal disc compression while improving blood circulation and increasing driver focus.

#4. Sears Atlas II Series

Sears Atlas II series truck seats are available in cloth and leather. They include features such as heating, cooling, massage, and dual armrests. Additionally, the seats have a range of adjustments to adjust the high-quality cushions to your preferred seat position while helping to support the back and spinal column and improve circulation to keep you comfortable when driving long hours.

#5. ISRI Deluxe and Premium Series

The ISRI deluxe and premium series of truck seats include added comfort and support for long-distance driving. You can discover features like massage, heat, swivel, dual armrests, and cooling. In addition, the truck seats include superior foam cushions with multiple adjustment settings to improve lumbar support and maintain good posture.

The Best Off-Road Seats

Aside from the trucking industry, there are other industries where people sit for long hours operating various types of machinery, including:

  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping
  • Aerospace

These industries rely on off-road vehicles like forklifts, cranes, front-end loaders, etc., to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Drivers of these vehicles are expected to sit for long periods as well.

Since most of these industries require drivers to remain focused to avoid accidents and injuries, ensuring vehicle operators have a comfortable off-road seat is crucial. While these seats may not offer all the “bells and whistles” like massage, heating, and cooling, they do need to provide superior comfort and support.

#1. Seats Inc. Off-Road Seats

Seats Inc. off-road seats feature high-quality cushions designed to absorb vibrations and typical off-road conditions while maintaining comfort. There are also different air and mechanical suspension options depending on the type of off-road vehicle.

In addition, most of the seats feature a mid-high back with multiple adjustments so operators can adjust the seat to provide the best comfort and support. Best of all, you can find off-road seats for backhoes and Joystick seats for overhead crane operators.

#2. ISRI Off-Road Seats

ISRI first became a top brand in the off-road seat industry before adding their semi-truck seat series. You can find mid-high-back and full-high-back seats with a range of features and options, such as heating and dual armrests.

Some ISRI off-road seats feature memory storage for preferred seat settings. This feature is well-suited for off-road vehicles shared by multiple operators, so each one can quickly and easily alter seat adjustments to their personal preferences.

Choosing Your New Truck Seat

The most important thing when choosing a new truck seat is choosing one that has superior seat cushions. The foam should provide support while at the same time not feel like you are sitting on a hard plastic seat.

Furthermore, there are different types of seat cushions and support to consider, such as:

  • Memory Foam
  • Gel Pads
  • Heating
  • Cooling

These features can further enhance your comfort and support when sitting for long periods. In addition, you need to make sure that the new seat will allow you to make the adjustments you require to maintain proper posture and be the perfect fit.

For example, if you are tall, you want a seat back that is tall enough for you to easily put the back of your head against the headrest. You will also want a seat length that allows you to slide it back far enough to leave sufficient room to be able to stretch your legs out without feeling cramped.

On the other hand, if you are of average height, then you want a seat that can be adjusted forward to make reaching the pedals easier while still providing comfort and support for your back and bottom.
woman in a big rig talking on her CB radio to other truck drivers.

Other Useful Tips for Sitting Long Periods

Before sitting down on the truck seat, take the time to empty out all of your pockets. Anything in your back pockets can place added strain and pressure on your buttocks and lower back. Likewise, items left in your front pockets place added pressure on the top of your legs and reduce circulation.

You can pick up a small plastic tote with a lid to put your wallet, change, extra keys, and other items into so they are nearby in case you need them. Then you can get a dash mount for your smartphone or GPS so it is within view and can be used hands-free.

What if I Don’t Know What Truck Seat to Buy?

Call our team at Suburban Seating and Safety to speak with our knowledgeable staff and identify the right seat for you if you don’t know what truck seats to buy!

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