Regular passenger vehicles are far more likely to be involved in an accident, but the large size and heavy loads carried by big trucks increase the likelihood that there will be serious injury and damage caused. Without commercial truck safety equipment, these factors limit truck drivers’ control, sometimes putting their own lives and those of other drivers at risk.


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The right equipment can go a long way toward ensuring truck driver safety and reducing the possibility that they will be in an accident. Here are seven of the most important safety accessories that should be in every truck:


The Top 7 Safety Accessories Truck Drivers Need:


  1. CamerasCameras are essential commercial truck accessories for truck drivers who are always vulnerable to blind spots. Backup cameras eliminate guesswork, and dash cams provide an accurate video record of any accidents. The newest technology from Brigade Electronics allows truckers to install cameras where they are needed and to use the twin camera screen splitter to view two angles at all times.
  2. LCD Monitors – Your monitor displays what your camera captures so you know when something is in your blind spot. Suburban Seating and Safety carries a variety of the best LCD monitors, including those with waterproof, shock-resistant, and multi-image features.
  3. Heated Mirrors – Visibility in all situations is critical to safety, and mirrors that are fogged, frosted, or iced up are useless. Our collection of heated mirrors stays clear of ice and includes motorized models that can rotate a full 360° for the ultimate in visibility, no matter the weather.
  4. Road Watch Sensor Bullet – Truck drivers must go where their job takes them, and that often means driving in all types of weather conditions. To improve truck driver safety in changing weather, the Road Watch Bullet accurately monitors and displays the actual outside air and road surface temperature at highway speed. This keeps the driver aware of rapidly changing conditions and the likelihood of black ice developing on the pavement.
  5. New Seat Belts – Safety belts are essential kinds of truck driver safety equipment that are too often overlooked when upgrading to more modern and effective gear. A three-point safety belt holds the driver in from the waist up instead of putting all of the pressure on the waist during a forceful stop. Worn, malfunctioning, or uncomfortable seat belts can fail under stress or—worse yet—not be worn consistently. Replacing your seat belt with one that is easy and comfortable to wear makes sure it is there when you need it.


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  1. RAM Mounts Universal No-Drill™ Mounts – The cameras, tablets, monitors, and laptops that are bringing driver safety and route planning into the future all need to be mounted safely and held securely during travel. These RAM mounts feature a ball and socket joint, telescoping feature, and articulated arm, making them one of the best commercial truck accessories for the tech-savvy driver.
  2. Roadwatch Tracker System – With GPS location in real time and tracking of vehicle speed, idle times, and route variations, the Roadwatch Tracker System improves efficiency by saving fuel and freeing up drivers from manual check-ins. The system reports important vehicle and location data in emergency situations, getting the right help to drivers sooner.


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