Tips and Tricks: How Truckers Can Save Money and Stay Healthy

The Cost of the Road

Making a living as a truck driver constantly on the road, can require discipline to make sure your salary stretches as far as you want it to. Not only do you have to budget your money to cover bills, you also have to plan your money wisely to cover spending expenses both on and off of the road. The cost of the road can add up, taking a toll on your finances and your body. The time you spend sitting can become taxing on your body. Here are some tips to keep you in shape both financially and physically. Take care of yourself - you're carrying precious cargo – you!

Your Finances

The financial cost of eating on the road can add up. Make healthy and wise choices when you stop to eat at a rest stop or restaurant. Go for the cost-effective food that will give your body the right kind of energy so that you can stay focused on the road. You can also pack food items to bring on the road. These snacks will help you stay focused and will save you money since you won't need to pick up expensive food items along the way. Good foods to pack include string cheese, crackers and water.

Your Body

Sitting for hours in a truck can cause fatigue. Sometime you become drowsy from lack of movement, or stiff and sore. In order to combat these side effects of the road, take small breaks throughout the day to exercise. Focus on stretching your muscles that aren't being used. Do small exercises such as a basic jump for a minute. You can vary the jumps and do alternate-foot jumps or high steps. No matter what type of exercise you do, the movement will get your body moving and will help bring more oxygen to your muscles. This will help you stay limber and awake. Take care of yourself by making sure you have a comfortable truck seat with adjustable features to help reduce fatigue. And always get enough rest to stay alert.

An Infographic describing tips and tricks for the life of a trucker