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Suburban Seating & Safety is the top Florida truck seat supplier for individual trucks and fleets throughout the state. We began operations in 1947 and gradually became an industry leader in supplying our customers with high-quality products, custom truck seats, and truck accessories while promoting truck safety.

Whether you are looking for a single aftermarket replacement seat or need to bulk order semi-truck seats in Florida, we can supply what you need from the top brands with consistent and competitive pricing.

Why Quality Truck Seats and Accessories Matter

When it comes to fleet and long-haul drivers, quality truck seats and accessories can make all the difference. Quality truck seating provides a comfortable ride for the driver and helps keep them safe on the road. Good ergonomics, breathable fabric, adjustable headrests, lumbar support, and armrests are just some benefits of quality truck seat designs that reduce fatigue during long trips.

Quality accessories, such as mobile phone holders, laptop stands, and cup holders, help create an enjoyable environment in the cab while being practical. Additionally, seat covers made from durable materials protect your investment by adding longevity to your seats while preventing wear and tear due to moisture or spills.

On-Highway Aftermarket Semi-Truck Seats

On-highway aftermarket semi-truck seats are designed to provide comfort and safety for long-haul drivers. These seats allow the driver to customize their seating position to fit their body type.

Additionally, on-highway aftermarket semi-truck seats often come with a range of customizations, giving you freedom and flexibility for extra driver comfort. Our aftermarket replacement seats often feature an integrated suspension system to help absorb road vibrations and shocks from bumps in the road to provide a smoother ride overall.

At Suburban Seating & Safety, we feature the top manufacturers, including:

We also offer:

  • Low Profile Seats
  • Ford Super Duty Seats
  • Commercial Heavy-Duty Truck and Van Seats
  • Bus Seat
  • Marine Seats
  • Fire and Rescue Seats
  • Air Ride Seats & More

Truck Seating for Fleets

Fleets can upgrade their seating with different customization options when buying in bulk. Bulk purchases of on-highway aftermarket semi-truck seats allow fleets to achieve cost savings while ensuring each driver has a comfortable and safe ride.

Fleet owners and managers can customize their seats by selecting from a range of features that best fit their truck driver’s specific needs. Additionally, bulk custom seat covers can be paired with the new seats to help extend the life of your fleet vehicles’ new seats.

Truck Seat Parts and Truck Accessories

Suburban Seating & Safety also provides access to quality truck seat parts and truck accessories to further outfit and customize your semi-truck or entire Florida fleet. Some of our top-selling products include:

  • Mattresses
  • Laptop Mounts
  • Mobile Device Accessories
  • Document Holders
  • Backup Cameras
  • Road Watch Sensors
  • Truck Mirrors
  • Cushion Covers
  • Arm Rests
  • Suspension Bases
  • Seat Parts
  • Seatbelts

How We Help You or Your Fleet

Our goal is to be your Florida fleet management and commercial truck supplier to provide you with all the aftermarket truck seats, accessories, and parts you need to maintain your vehicles and ensure your drivers ride in comfort. Please feel free to browse our online store or contact us directly at 844-727-7328 today.

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