Everyone knows the mystique of the long haul trucker. Perhaps you might have even seen the inside of a semi cab, with its vast array of switches and its custom truck seats, and thought it would be a fun job.


The truth is that long haul trucking isn’t for everyone. The job has a lot of perks, but it also requires mental and physical toughness. You also need to be comfortable with long stretches of having no one around to talk to.


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Life on the Road Can Be Tough

Life as a long haul trucker can be lonely. Even if you’re in the best semi truck seat around, you’ll have to accept that enjoying the comfort of your own truck still means that you’ll be spending a lot of hours by yourself.


However, a lot of people like that lifestyle. They are invigorated by the prospect of an open road, and no one looking over their shoulder gives them a lot of freedom to determine what sights they can see on the way to their destination.


Long Haul Truckers Can Make a Very Good Living

If you’re with a company that pays fairly, you can make a decent living as a long-haul trucker. According to an April 19 ZipRecruiter survey, salaries for long haul truckers range from $44,500 a year to $105,000 a year, with the median being $71,817. It’s important to note, though, that how much you ultimately make will depend on your experience, how far you travel, and how much you want to work during the week.


18 wheeler driving into the rocky mountains


Long Haul Truckers Have to Haul Many Different Types of Cargo

A long haul trucker’s job can be a lot more exciting than a desk job. One reason for this is because of the variety of items that need hauling, such as:


  • Heavy machinery and equipment, which require a flatbed trailer with side kits, chains, and cords
  • Dry products, which require a large dry box van
  • Refrigerated items, which require a large box truck that can keep the items cold during the trip
  • Livestock, which requires a trailer with vents so the animals can breathe while being transported
  • Specialty items, which require a trailer capable of carrying items which are ungainly and heavy


In order to haul each type of item, you will need to know their limitations. You’ll need to keep an eye on the temperature of refrigerated items, for instance, and you face a time limitation when hauling livestock.


Make Your Long Hauls More Comfortable with Suburban Seating & Safety

Long haul truckers are a vital part of the trucking industry. If you want to be a long haul trucker, you’ll have to be resilient, independent, and not afraid to travel long distances.


You’ll also want to make sure you have the best semi truck seats, like the kind you can bet Suburban Seating & Safety. Shop today to find the equipment that will make your new working environment comfortable.


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