Drivers of trucks, tractors, and construction and other heavy-duty vehicles often deal with back pain and other soreness on a regular basis. Having an improper vehicle seat, or one that has worn beyond reasonable usefulness, can be harmful in many ways. It can cause excess body strain, lead to chronic medical conditions, and reduce productivity and alertness. Installing air ride seats can avoid these issues and has many other benefits.

How Do Air Ride Seats Work?

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Many traditional truck seats have mechanical suspensions, similar to a car suspension system. Air suspension seats take the idea a step further by including a pneumatic system. Pressurized air is used in an “air spring” to compensate for shocks and vibrations that occur as the vehicle travels and reacts to the road. Adjusting the pressure level in the air spring allows for adaptability for drivers of different size, weight and comfort level.

Benefits of Air Ride Truck Seats

Purchasing an air ride seat can yield numerous benefits even for full-time drivers, including:

  • Dampened Shock and Vibration: The seats allow for much smoother travel, so drivers can increase long term comfort and mitigate impacts on their health. Pain and soreness associated with long hours on the road can be reduced or even eliminated. Air suspension also dampens lateral and up-and-down motion. Internal shock absorbers are tuned to minimize vibration; air pressure maintains a constant force during travel and can be infinitely adjusted.
  • Durable Design: Suspension components are stronger and more stable these days, than in early models. Designs have also been updated over the years to yield smoother and more efficient rides. These improvements mean that your seat can last longer and provide optimal performance through the duration of a ride and for the life of the product. Seats can also be adjusted manually for fore/aft and recline position, while many have adjustable armrests, dampers, lumbar and more…
  • Smoothness: Thanks to improvements in suspensions, forces are more evenly distributed across the system. Friction is reduced and operating functions are more user friendly. Air suspension seats have higher load capacities, improved isolation systems, and ergonomic cushions. Some are available with a choice of materials and options to provide customized seating for your vehicle or fleet.
  • Improved Safety: Being uncomfortable all the time can cause a driver to lose their concentration. Pain and stiffness can also slow down their reaction time. A poor truck seat can increase the likelihood of an accident, but an air suspension seat helps a driver focus more on the road.
  • Fewer Work-Related Injuries: Back, shoulder, and neck injuries are common in drivers who operate trucks sitting in sub-par seats. The body endures severe strain if it has to absorb every bump on the road. Injuries can lead to expensive medical care and require drivers to take time off work. Cushioning, shock-absorption, and lumbar protection allow a smoother ride and minimize physical stress on the body.

How to Adjust an Air Ride Seat

Adjusting an air ride seat takes some practice for new drivers. Here are some important points to consider when making any adjustment:

  • Start with a slight bend in the knees as you determine how to adjust the seat.
  • For up or down adjustment, the best position is a 90-degree bend in the knees.
  • During front or back adjustment, stay as far back as you can without pushing the brake pedal in. Slide your bottom forward if you need to reach and engage the clutch. Then you can slide back to use the gears.

Also remember to unlock the seat before use. This allows it to rock back and forth to provide shock absorption and vibration protection, so you get the most out of the seat’s features.

Types of Air Ride Seats

Air ride truck seats come in different forms. At Suburban Seating & Safety, we supply air suspension seats from Sears, National, Bostrom, and other leading brands. Depending on the seat, you’ll find models in cloth, vinyl, or leather. Some have swivel capabilities, heating, and dual arms. Our Wide Ride+Serta® truck seat uses the latest technology, including a highly supportive memory foam that also provides cooling by wicking heat away. Consistent lumbar inflation and deflation prevents pain and stiffness.

Another standout model is the Sears Atlas II ActiveVRS seat. It uses an active magnetic ride suspension system with a magnetic damper and controller. Featuring a high back and ergonomic design, it also integrates a 3-position seat cushion tilt and extension. Like many other air suspension seats, it can tolerate a wide range of road conditions. It’s one of many products in our extensive catalog of air ride seats.

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