If you’re in the market for replacement seats for your semi, a deal on used truck seats might tempt you. Don’t fall for it—used truck seats won’t last, and they may have unseen problems that may make them little better than the worn out seats you want to replace.


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You may not realize it, but the seats of your truck may be its most important components. You spend hours behind the wheel each week and, over months and years, the pressure that constant sitting exerts on your lower back can cause musculoskeletal disorders if your back is not properly supported.


Outdated or worn out seats won’t provide the support you need and will often cause considerable discomfort on the road, making you irritated and less aware of what’s happening on the highway.


Here are a few reasons why pre-owned isn’t the way to go when it comes to seats for your truck:


  • Shorter life – Used truck seats have already had a substantial portion of their useful life expended. You won’t get the same life out of a used seat as you will a brand new one. Also, when buying a used seat, you may not know exactly how old it is or how roughly it was used, beyond what you can observe.
  • Older design – Brand new seats incorporate the latest in ergonomic design. If you opt for an older, used seat, you may be missing out on some important innovations that could make your daily drive easier on your body.
  • Unseen problems – The used seat that you’re pricing may look mint, but an attractive exterior may hide problems such as degraded springs or cushioning that can reduce the value and utility of the seat.
  • No warranty – Many new truck seats come with a warranty. If you buy your seat used, you’ll have no protection in case it turns out to be faulty.


Used Truck Seats Are No Bargain


While you may save a few dollars now by purchasing a used seat, you’ll end up paying more in the long run. Be smart and make the investment in a new seat. Suburban Seating & Safety can help you find the right new seat, including custom truck seats. Check out their great product line today and buy a seat you can trust for years to come.


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